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Cavani rejected €1m bribe to let Neymar do PSG’ penalties…and they didn’t invite him for Thiago Silva’ birthday

Monday reports told that after the incident between Neymar and Cavani PSG chiefs tried to pay off Edinson with €1m. They wanted Cavani to allow Neymar taking all PSG’s penalties. But 30-years-old Uruguayan turned down the bribe. Earlier PSG offered €1m to Cavani as a bonus for he becoming a TOP-1 goal scorer in the squad. But Nasser Al-Khelaifi wanted ... Read More »

Neymar vs Cavani saga: PSG coach reveals his first-choice penalty taker

During PSG 2-0 Lyon match Neymar and Cavani have fought for a penalty and free kick, which caused some resonance in a media. And today Unai Emery introduced to the press his first-choice spot-kick-taker. After the victory, PSG chief told while a press conference: “We are arranging internally for penalties that come in. Both of them are capable to score ... Read More »