Tuesday , 3 August 2021
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Arsene Wenger would be an excellent choice for Arsenal chairman

Martin Keown thinks that Arsene Wenger would be a great candidate to change Sir Chips Keswick as a chairman of Arsenal.

Martin Keown supposes Arsenal has to be reaching out to ex-head Wenger, as he has deep ties to Arsenal. Thus, it’s quite reasonable for him to come back. At the same time, Keown pays respect to Sir Chips as he believes he has done lots of work for the club.

While Keown thinks the Gunners should be putting a top-of-mind concern to Arsene Wenger, the 70-year-old – who is now a member of FIFA – has moved to preclude the possibility of returning to north London. Moreover, he isn’t ready even to see games of Arsenal players.

Thus, let’s see a little bit later who is going to fill the place at the club’s board. Perhaps, there’s a chance Arsene Wenger will examine his beliefs and hold a course for Arsenal. Such a choice could lead the club to new bright winnings.

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