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Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur upcoming match & head to head

After loss of its match of Arsenal, the club will play its third match against Tottenham Hotspur. The match date between Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur is 01-Sep-2013 8:30 (IST). In this season Arsenal did not made assignment of new players and this leads to the bad results that we have saw in the match against Aston Villa. Fire of Premier League is spreading rapidly and all clubs are dying to win. It will be played in the home stadium of Arsenal. So there would be huge audience support for Arsenal. matchday-arsenal-vs-tottenham

Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur Match Schedule
Competition Premier League
Date 01-Sep-2013 (IST)
Kick-Off 8:30 (IST)
Home Team Arsenal
Stadium Emirates Stadium

Head to Head

WEEKEND PREVIEW SPLIT: Arsenal v Spurs   Here is head to head comparison of these two teams. If we take a look at the comparison of these two teams then there is not big difference. Arsenal is just ahead of Tottenham Hotspur. Both teams have faced each other in 157 matches and out of which 64 matches won by Arsenal and 50 won by Tottenham Hotspur & the remaining 43 were draw. So the percentage of draw matches is more and it indicates that both teams can make a great game to watch. DON’T MISS: Chelsea vs Bayern Munich

Club Matches Played Won Lost Draw Goals scored
Tottenham Hotspur 157 50 64 43 1.4
Arsenal 157 64 50 43 1.6

Arsenal in Home & away in 2012–2013: In last season, Arsenal was at the 4th position in Premier League. In home the club has played 19 matches out of which the club has won 11 matches. While it lost 3 matches and the remaining 5 matches were draw. 19 matches played by Arsenal away from home in which the club won 10 matches and in loss of 4 and 5 matches were draw. Tottenham Hotspur in Home & away in 2012–2013: The club has also played 38 matches in last season and was just behind Arsenal occupied 5th spot in league table. In home, Tottenham has won 11 matches in loss of 3 and 5 matches were draw.

LAST SEASON (2012–2013)
Arsenal Matches played Won Lost Draw
Home 19 11 3 5
Away 19 10 4 5
Tottenham Hotspur Matches played Won Lost Draw
Home 19 11 3 5
Away 19 10 5 4

Last 5 matches of both teams 

ARSENAL  Won Won Lost Won Lost HOTSPURWon Won Won Draw Lost
Competition Date Result Competition Date Result
Premier League 24-Aug-13 Arsenal:3‑Fulham:1 Premier L 25-Aug-13 Tettenham:1‑Swansea‑0
Champions LeagueQualifying (Play off) 21-Aug-13 Arsenal:3‑Fenerbahce:0 Premier L 22-Aug-13 Tettenham:5‑Dinamo:0
Premier League 17-Aug-13 Arsenal:1‑Aston Villa:3 Premier L 18-Aug-13 Tettenham:1-Crystal palace:0
Friendly match 10-Aug-13 Arsenal:3-Man City:1 Premier L 10-Aug-13 Tettenham:1‑Espanyol:1
Friendly match 04-Aug-13 Arsenal:1‑Galatasaray:2 Premier L 03-Aug-13 Tettenham:2-Monaco:5

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