Wednesday , 27 October 2021
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Arsenal are half step from buying William Saliba for $33m

Arsenal are on the verge of outperforming Tottenham when it comes to the highly-anticipated signing of William Saliba. They have already made up their mind to acquire this defender who currently plays for the football club Saint-Etienne.

According to some sources already familiar with the situation, next season the international player aged 18 is going to get back to the Lique 1 football team on loan prior to leaving for Arsenal in 2020.

As a matter of fact, Arsenal are expected to shell out up to $33m for the football player. The given amount is going to be paid in installments.

In addition to this, the football club also considers buying Dani Ceballos, the midfielder from Real Madrid on loan. The given player aged 22 is anticipated to compensate for the departure of Aaron Ramsey.

Aside from that, Arsenal are also demonstrating a strong interest in Kieran Tierney, who appears to be the Celtic left-back.

“arsenal are half step from buying william saliba for $33m”

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