Sunday , 2 October 2022

Andy Robertson: Liverpool Is Experiencing More Than Blip

Liverpool has been fortunate enough to secure a 1–1 draw from the clash with West Ham on Monday and the 4 points which they have dropped in the previous 2 games show what might have been a 7 point lead rather than just 3 over Manchester City.

At drawing home in Leicester and London Stadium, Liverpool is known to have struggled a lot for the fluency which had helped in taking them towards the top of the table. It suggested that they might be at the risk of throwing away all advantage like they did when they lost the title to Manchester City 5 years ago. Robertson feels that the loss of Jordan Henderson who is injured and the Trent Alexander Arnold and Joe Gomez might be having an influence. However, it appears he along with his teammates is primed for responding. The twenty-four-year-old said that he is not saying that nerves are showing. No one has said it when Manchester City had dropped points against Leicester and Crystal Palace. It isn’t much different for them. People are going to talk about the pressure since they have not been in this position. However, it is February. He says that everyone should relax and try to enjoy the run. Several other clubs would like to be in this position where they are now. There have been two poor performances and results and this happens in a long season. He thinks that they will have to get back to playing better but this hasn’t got anything to do with the nerves.

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