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UEFA Champions League Theme Song Lyrics, Lyrics of UCL Theme Song

UEFA Champions League is the biggest football tournament of Football sport after the world cup. In this competition, Top teams from domestic leagues including winner, runner ups & some other team qualify for battle of Champions. But have you ever wondered about the creator & Music director of theme song of UEFA Champions league? So now, it’s time to know more about the league which is played between champions & in the end, only one called Champion of Champions. Find lyrics of UEFA Champions league right over here in Original & English Language right over here.

Original Lyrics of UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League Theme song lyrics

Original Lyrics English Lyrics
Ce sont los meileures equipes Sie sind die allerbesten Mannschaften The main event Chorus [2x] Die Meister Die Besten Les Grandes The Champions Une grande reunion Eine grobe sportliche Veranstaltung The main event IIs sont los meilleurs Sir sind die Besten These are the champions Chorus [2x] Die Meister Die Besten Les Grandes Equipes The Champions These are the best teams They are the bestteams The main event Chorus [2x] The Champions The best The biggest teams The Champions A big Gathering A big Sports event They are the best They are the best These are the Champions Chorus [2x] The Champions The best The biggest teams The Champions

Creator & Music Director of UEFA Champions League theme Song

The theme song was created by Tony Britten & the music was directed by Georg F. Handel. It was adopted in the month of August 1992. The theme song is directed in 3 official languages which are French, English & German language. Champions league Anthem is approximate 3 min in length & there also 2 shorts version of this anthem. Before every match of this competition, it played in front of thousands of audience.

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