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November, 2018

  • 20 November

    Euro 2016 Prize Money Distribution

    The most important competition in European football, the UEFA European Championship, many countries looking to win this year’s tournament with Germany, France, Spain and Belgium leading the charge, all gunning for the trophy.…… and the prize money. This year’s prize money has been increased by 54%, the 24 national teams will between them receive 301 million euros, 105 million more than what was shared between them in 2012’s edition of the European Championship. All 24 teams will receive a participation amount if 8 million euros. There will be performance bonuses, only in the group stage, giving 1 million euros per win …

May, 2016

  • 25 May

    Andrea Pirlo And Balotelli Are Out Of Italy Euro 2016 Team Squad

    Shocking news for Italy fans as Andrea Pirlo and Mario Balotelli are named out of Italy Euro 2016 Team Squad. Last time Euro cup was lifted by Spain, there was a team who headed to their dressing room with their heads low. Italy. And among them, a man who scored twice in the semi’s  against Germany, booking them a ticket in the finals- Balotelli , an extraordinary  forward. For everybody who thought only the surprises in football comes on field, a surprise have happened on paper. Balotelli is nowhere to be found on Antonio Conte’s preliminary 30 men Squad for Euro 2016.

  • 24 May

    Euro 2016 All Team Captains List

    EURO 2016 has a lot of excitement for us this year, just like the many surprises it had for us. All the fans are eagerly waiting for the  kick-off on 10th June this year. Pre — match strategies and planning go behind the curtain for the teams and long nights of  thoughts of improving each player and the team for the coach, the fans are still having dreams of their favourite team rise as the European champions. But there is always a lot going on around as small details.The small details that will make big differences. Like a captain.

  • 23 May

    Euro 2016 Theme Song Lyrics | This One’s For You

    When it comes to football, it’s wonderful, amazing, mind blowing and yeah. So it needs an amazing touch all around the area from kits to game to a theme song. Well  EURO 2016 theme song is  absolutely going to place us all on our toes. You have it guys. The theme song of EURO 2016 is by no body other than  international Pop singer David Guetta. For everybody who are waiting for  awesome games  have got themselves an amazing song to listen to and to cheer to. UEFA Euro 2016 Theme Song Lyrics [Verse 1: Zara Larsson] We’re born …

  • 17 May

    Portugal Euro 2016 Team Squad Players Roster

    Here is the list of complete team squad of Portugal for Euro cup 2016 football competition. The 2016 EURO is already a touch away and every team is going after victory. As for Portugal, their ultimate aim would be to try and change the best performance of the tournament from “runner ups” to winners. And they are trying their best under the coaching of Fernando Santos. One of his greatest hurdle to put up a good game would be a great squad and it almost looks like we are looking at one. Let’s just see what Portugal has in store …

  • 16 May

    England Euro 2016 Team Squad Players Roster

    The team squad of England for pre Euro 2016 has been announced. EURO 2016 is already at the doorstep and the squad rosters are already taking shape. We are now sharing the 26 men team squad of England called up for pre European Championship 2016. From these 26 players, final 23 will be selected for the final tournament. Looking forward to the squad of  England, a classic football giant, they are favorable to win the game as they have found themselves an absolutely incredible squad. One or two famous and expected names are out of the table but still,they have …

  • 15 May

    France Euro 2016 Kit | Home And Away Kit With Images

    The all new kit of France for Euro 2016 championship have been released. The hosts will be wearing new kit in Euro 2016 designed by kit supplier Nike. France, when we hear about the country along with each & every detail of the country, the one wonderful feeling we will have in our mind is their football team. Well time is moving forward and unless we have a time machine, we will only see them in modern jerseys every year.

  • 13 May

    Portugal Euro 2016 Kit | Home, Away Jersey

    Nike has unveiled new home and away jersey of Portugal for Euro 2016 football competition. We are able to provide you the first look on Portugal new kit for UEFA Euro Cup 2016. We all are  excited about the ideas and colours  that are being tried out in the football world on each team’s  kit. We  look forward to it even more excited than the players themselves. So what do we have in store for you Well,we have Portugal’s latest Nike euro 2016 kit.

April, 2016

  • 13 April

    Wales Euro 2016 Kit | New Home, Away Jersey

    Wales Euro 2016 Kit | New Home, Away Jersey: The official kit manufacturer of Wales football team, Adidas has launched the new Wales home & away kit for the upcoming Euro Cup 2016. On November, the Wales team debuted the new kit against the Netherlands. The home kit featured traditional red color while the away kit featured the grey color. See here the Wales Euro 2016 jersey.

  • 13 April

    England Euro 2016 Kit | New Home, Away Jersey

    England Euro 2016 Kit | New Home, Away Jersey: The football association of England football team and Nike launched the new home and away kit for Euro 2016. The home kit boasting an eye catching design in white and ice blue color while the new England away kit featured in red color. Take a close and description of England Euro 2016 Jersey.

  • 11 April

    Spain Euro 2016 Kit | New Home, Away Jersey

    Spain Euro 2016 Kit | New Home, Away Jersey: The Spain football team will be featured with the modern and different style kit in the upcoming Euro 2016. The new Adidas Spain Euro 2016 home and away kit features the modern style with stunning front pattern. Out of the ordinary design, the striking Spanish football has introduced with a unique front panel graphic pattern. Scroll down to get close look on Spain Euro 2016 Home & Away Jersey.

  • 11 April

    Germany Euro 2016 Kit | New Home, Away Jersey

    Germany Euro 2016 Kit | New Home, Away Jersey: The world champions Germany Football team will feature in the new Adidas Germany in the Euro 2016 tournament. The giant German manufacturer Adidas introducing the Germany home and away shirts with new positioning for the Adidas iconic 3 stripes. Here is the Germany modern kit for the Euro Cup 2016 championship.

October, 2015

  • 22 October

    Euro 2016 Tickets Online Booking, Price, Buy, FAQs

    UEFA Euro 2016 Tickets Online Booking with Price ranges and frequently asked questions Are you looking to book tickets for Euro 2016 football championship. The fifteenth edition of European football competition is going to be organized by France in 2016. Tickets for this international campaign will be available for online purchase from December 2015 to January 2016. As this competition will be played in Summer 2016 which means those who have vacations, can enjoy this tournament. All qualified teams are ready to compete for the tile in France. So get ready to book your tickets right now. Read the full procedure below …

September, 2015

  • 10 September

    England Qualified For Euro 2016 As Group E Winners

    England national football team qualified for the 15th edition of Euro 2016 championship after defeating Switzerland by 2–0. On 5th September 2015, The British team made it to the finals of France competition which is beginning from 10th June 2016. They qualified as winner of Group D which is featured with national football teams of Switzerland, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania and San Marino. England’s captain Wayne Rooney was the show stopper in England’s 2–0 win over Swiss team and became the all time top goal scorer of England.