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Zlatan Ibrahimović - Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Salary Per Week Month Second at PSG

Have you ever wondered about the salary of Zlatan Ibrahimovic per week at his club PSG? Here you will find the answer. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is star forward football player of french club Paris Saint Germain & Sweden national football team. The player has played for lots of club including some big naming clubs like Barcelona, AC Milan. Right now he is playing for PSG & is earning in millions. According to one of the leading magazine Forbes has listed him at world’s 76th highest paid athlete. So continue to read about the salary of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Salary of Zlatan Ibrahimovic per week & second

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Salary Per week
Earnings €37,500 Per Day
Current Club Paris Saint Germain
Annual Salary €9,000,000
Salary Per Month €7,50,000
Salary Per Week €2,62,500
Salary Per Day €37,500
Salary Per Hour €4687
Salary Per Minute €78
Salary Per Second €1 30 Cents
Endorsement $2.5Million
Residence Versailles France

Zlatan Ibrahimovic salary at PSG One of the best forward of football world is currently earning total of €2,62,500 per week. In the year of 2013, the player has extended his contract with his current club Paris Saint Germain for next one year. Zlatan is now turned at 32 & at this age, he is playing like a 22 years old player. With that new contract with PSG, he will run until summer 2016, and his annual salary will increase by €1.2 million & total comes out to be €15 million which is a very big amount. He is most expensive player in Sweden with this contract. But his national team was not able to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2014 & Portugal defeated his team in last 2 games of qualification matches.

Salary of Zlatan Ibrahimovic by Endorsements

Salary of Zlatan Ibrahimovic at PSG He is earning not only from games, the player is also known as the brand ambassador of Nike. Although he is also earning million from Nike but the other Brand Ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo is earning highest amount of money from Nike.

Club Joining Fess of Ibrahimovic

In 2009, he joined Spanish club Barcelona with a contract of €46 million & exchange of Eto’o. He started his Barcelona career from season 2009–2010 & had a fantastic career at there also. In the year of 2012, he left the club & joined French club Paris Saint Germain. In same year, PSG bought him with initial transfer fees of around €20 million. With this contract, he is now earning €14 million per year including bonuses would be €2 million more than what he was earning per year just before he left A.C. Milan.

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