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Zidane Ancelotti's contract should be extended

Zinedine Zidane: Carlo Ancelotti’s Contract Should Be Renewed

The Francis legend Zinedine Zidane said Real Madrid’s manager Carlo Ancelotti should be offered a contract extension. The 42 year old Madrid B team coach Zidane believes that the Italian manager is the best team to manage Real Madrid. Ancelotti begun his career at Santiago Bernabeu as manager with Zidane [assistant manager] in season 2013–14. Read what Zidane said about the contract extension of Carlo Ancelotti.

Zidane Ancelotti's contract should be extended

Zidane: Carlo Ancelotti’s Contract Should Be Renewed

Real Madrid B team coach Zidane told to Marca “He is the best coach for Real Madrid. Ancelotti is very important. He is the best coach for Real Madrid. He has very clear ideas and above all gets on well with the group, something which these days is even more difficult, to manage a squad, a group of players.”

At the moment I am working at Castilla, I am delighted with what we are doing, with the coaching staff and the players. Next year, we will see.”

He also spoke about his qualifications to take on the role during struggles of Castilla and said “These things always annoy you, but I cannot stop people saying what they want to say.”

The Italian manager joined Real Madrid during season 2013–14 and turned out a manager for which the Spanish club was looking for. Under his management, Los Blancos completed the dream of La Decima, won Copa Del Rey 2013–14. In addition with these titles, they also lifted UEFA Super Cup and now they are the best club in the world.

About the contract extension of Ancelotti, President Florentino Perez said the matter will only be dealt with at the end of the season.

The B team of Real Madrid begun this season in third tier in stumbling form, but Zidane managed his team to climb on the top of the table. Do you think that Carlo Ancelotti’s contract should be extended?

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