Sunday , 27 September 2020
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Wayne Hennessey Accused Of Making A Nazi Salute

Wayne Hennessey, the goalkeeper from Crystal Palace had denied the fact that he made a Nazi salute on the night out with the team player after their victory against Grimsby by 1–0 in the third round of FA Cup.


Another Palace player had posted a picture of Wayne Hennessey’s Instagram account. In this picture, it appeared like raising one arm and one hand over his mouth. Nonetheless, the international Wales player has denied the allegation. He has given a statement on Twitter saying that he had a meal with the other players of the team and they took a group photograph. This implies that he believes that he didn’t make any such gesture.

He goes on to say that he waved and shouted on the person who had been clicking the picture to get on with this and at the same time, he had put his hands over his mount for carrying the sound. It is later that it had been brought to his attention that the posture in the picture appears like he is making an inappropriate kind of salute.

Wayne Hennessey gives his assurance and says that he is never going to do anything like that. The resemblance to a gesture like that is purely coincidental and hasn’t been intentional. It is possible that Wayne Hennessey might face an investigation by the club. As a matter of fact, the Football Association might investigate to look into the matter and clear things out.

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