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Watch Cristiano Ronaldo praises Leo Messi

In the lead of Champions League Final, Fox Sports Argentina took an interview with Cristiano Ronaldo. And the most interesting question was about his opinion to greatest rival Lionel Messi.

The Argentinian and Portuguese competed among themselves for a long time. But yesterday Real Madrid star expressed the admiration to Messi and told that he never treated him as a rival.

“I like good players and Messi is one of them. I’m enjoying to see his performance on the pitch and the other great players. Whenever I meet Messi we have a very good relationship”, said 32-years-ols star.

“We don’t share the dinner in his house or something because he isn’t my friend. But I always considered him as a companion by profession and not a rival. I really don’t like it like comparisons. It’s our part of the world football and our work”, added Cristiano.

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