Sunday , 26 June 2022

Virgil Van Dijk: Jurgen Klopp Can Make You Feel Great

Virgil Van Dijk has made a statement about the man-management skills of Jurgen Klopp and has mentioned that it is his positivity which has enabled him to get the best out of Liverpool. Virgil Van Dijk had been signed for Liverpool for £75 million in January, last year. However, the coach had been able to ease the pressure quickly irrespective of the price tag. 

He has told that he remembers talking to the manager regarding the transfer fee which had been paid by Liverpool and he believes that all good things cost a great deal of money. He thinks that it is a great thing to come out with and it is pretty evident that Jurgen Klopp had been one of the main reasons he had come to the club. He states that he remembers meeting Jurgen Klopp for the first time. He was able to provide him with the right amount of confidence and a good talk that he needed. Van Dijk has till now been pitched perfectly. Instead of buckling under the pressure of expectation which was brought on by the transfer fee, he had a great effect on the defensive prospects of the Reds in the last 12 months. Liverpool has been able to ship 13 goals in this season in the previous campaign which they had conceded twenty-eight. Van Dijk says that there is something about Jurgen Klopp which makes him different from the rest. It is his energy, as well as management. Source:

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