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Young fan received Ronaldo T-shirt after hit by free kick
Young fan received Ronaldo T-shirt after hit by free kick

Video: A Young Fan Got Ronaldo’s T‑Shirt After Being Hit By His Free Kick

Young Real Madrid fan was hit by Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kick and received jersey worn by Ronaldo himself

Once again, Cristiano Ronaldo proved that why he is so popular being not only the best footballer, but also being a man of golden heart. An interesting news came from Santiago Bernabeu where a young boy was hit by the free kick of Cristiano Ronaldo. He was there to witness the first win of Real Madrid against city rivals, but before the game, something happened that made last win of Real Madrid more memorable.

Young fan received Ronaldo T-shirt after hit by free kick
Young fan received Ronaldo T‑shirt after hit by free kick

On 23rd of April 2015, Real Madrid welcomed Atletico Madrid for the return leg of semi final. Before the kick off, the current world’s best player of the year was practicing free kick. Suddenly, his free kick lost the way and struck to a young fan who was ready to watch the Madrid derby.

Medics of the stadium looked at the young boy, but Ronaldo continued his practice. Later, when Carlo Ancelotti’s boys were called up to prepare for the game, Ronaldo turned to the young boy and ran towards him.

He removed his training jersey and awarded to the boy in order express his sorry. The fan was couldn’t believe his luck and had tears in his eyes. Watch the video of incident below

The game begun after few minutes and the fan saw another good news as his team qualified to the semi final of Champions League 2014–15 after winning against Atleti by 1–0 on aggregate. Former Manchester United forward Javier Hernandez scored the winning goal after assist from Cristiano Ronaldo.

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