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UEFA Europa League 2013–14 fixtures list

Here you will find the complete list of UEFA Europa League 2013–14 fixtures. The other tier of UEFA league which is Champions league will start earlier than this league. Full detail of every match with date and time is available in table given below. The first match of the League will be played in the home stadium of St Gallen i.e. AFG Arena.


UEFA Europa League 2013–14 fixtures

TimeHome teamAway teamStageVenue
17:00 (GMT)St. GallenKuban KrasnodarGroup AAFG Arena
17:00 (GMT)ValenciaSwansea CityGroup AMestalla
17:00 (GMT)Dinamo ZagrebChornomoretsGroup BMaksimir Stadium
17:00 (GMT)PSV EindhovenLudogorets RazgradGroup BPhilips Stadion
17:00 (GMT)Standard LiegeEsbjergGroup CMaurice Dufrasne
17:00 (GMT)SV SalzburgElfsborgGroup CRed Bull Arena
17:00 (GMT)NK MariborFK Rubin KazanGroup DLjudski vrt
17:00 (GMT)Zulte-WaregemWigan AthleticGroup DJan Breydel Stadium
17:00 (GMT)FiorentinaPacos de FerreiraGroup EArtemo Frenchi
17:00 (GMT)Pandurii Targu-JiuDnipro DnipropetrovskGroup ETudor Vladimirescu
17:00 (GMT)Eintracht FrankfurtBordeauxGroup FCommerzbank Arena
17:00 (GMT)Maccabi Tel-AvivApoel NicosiaGroup FBloomfield Stadium
19:00 (GMT)Dynamo KievRacing GenkGroup GNSC Olympiyskiy
19:00 (GMT)FC ThunRapid ViennaGroup GArena Thun
19:00 (GMT)EstoriiSevilla FCGroup H

Estadio Entonio Mota

19:00 (GMT)SC FreiburgLiberecGroup HBadenova Stadion
19:00 (GMT)GuimararaesRijekaGroup IEstadio D. Afonso
19:00 (GMT)Real BetisLyonGroup IBenito Villamarin
19:00 (GMT)Apollon LimassolTrabzonsporGroup JTsirion Stadium
19:00 (GMT)LazioLegia WarsawGroup JStadio Olimpico
19:00 (GMT)Sheriff TiraspolAnzhi MakhachkalaGroup KSheriff Stadium
19:00 (GMT)Tottenham HotspurTromsoGroup KWhite Hart lane
19:00 (GMT)Maccabi HafiaAZ AlkmaarGroup LKiryat Eli’ezer Stadium
19:00 (GMT)PAOK SalonikaShakhter KaragandyGroup LToumbas Stadium
16:00 (GMT)Kuban lrasnodarValenciaGroup AKuban Stadium
19:05 (GMT)Swansea CitySt GallenGroup ALiberty Stadium
19:05 (GMT)ChornomoretsPSV EindhovenGroup BTsentralnyi Stadium
19:05 (GMT)Ludogorets RazgradDinamo ZagrebGroup BLudogorets Arena
19:05 (GMT)ElfsborgStandard LiegeGroup CBaros Arena
19:05 (GMT)EsbjergSV SalzburgGroup CBlue Water Arena
19:05 (GMT)FK Rubin KazanZulte-WaregemGroup DTsentralnyi Stadium
19:05 (GMT)Wigan AthleticNK MariborGroup DThe DW Stadium
19:05 (GMT)Dnipro DnipropetrovskFiorentinaGroup EDnipro Arena
19:05 (GMT)Pacos de FerreiraPandurri TarguGroup EEstadio da Mata Real
19:05 (GMT)Apoel NicosiaEintracht FrankfurtGroup FG S Pancypria
19:05 (GMT)BordeauxMaccabi Tel AvivGroup FChaban Delmas
17:00 (GMT)Racing GenkFC ThunGroup GCristal Arena
17:00 (GMT)Rapid ViennaDynamo KievGroup GGerhard Hanappi
17:00 (GMT)LiberecEstorilGroup HU Nisy Stadium
17:00 (GMT)Sevilla FCSC FreiburgGroup HEstadio Ramon Sanchez
17:00 (GMT)LyonGuimaraesGroup IMunicipal de Gerland
17:00 (GMT)RijekaReal BetisGroup IKantrida Stadium
17:00 (GMT)Legia WarsawApollon LimassolGroup JPolish army Stadium
17:00 (GMT)TrabzonsporLazioGroup JH. Anvi aker Stadium
17:00 (GMT)Anzhi MakhachkalaTottenham HotspurGroup KKhazar Stadium
17:00 (GMT)TromsoSheriff TiraspolGroup KAlfheim Stadion
17:00 (GMT)Shakhter KaragandyMaccabi HafiaGroup LShaktyor Stadium
17:00 (GMT)AZ AlkmaarPAOK SalokinaGroup LAFAS Stadion
19:05 (GMT)Swansea CityKuban LrasnodarGroup ALiberty Stadium
19:05 (GMT)ValenciaSt GallenGroup AMestalla
19:05 (GMT)ChornomoretsLudogorets RazgradGroup BTsentralnyi Stadium
19:05 (GMT)Dinamo ZagrabPSV EindhovenGroup BMaksimir Stadium
19:05 (GMT)ElfsburgEsbjergGroup CBaros Arena
19:05 (GMT)SV SalzburgStandard LiegeGroup CRed Bull Arena
19:05 (GMT)Wigan AthleticFK Rubin KazanGroup DThe DW Stadium
19:05 (GMT)Zulte WaregemNK MariborGroup DJan Breydel Stadium
19:05 (GMT)FiorentinaPandurii Targu JiuGroup EArtemio Franchi
19:05 (GMT)Pacos de FerreiraDnipro DnipropetrovskGroup EEstadio da Mata Real
19:05 (GMT)BordeauxApoel NicosiaGroup FChaban Delmas
19:05 (GMT)Eintracht FrankfurtMaccabi Tel AvivGroup FCommerz Bank Arena
17:00 (GMT)Dynamo KievFC ThunGroup GNSC Olimpiyskiy
17:00 (GMT)Racing GenkRapid ViennaGroup GCristal Arena
17:00 (GMT)LiberecSevilla FCGroup HU Nisy Stadium
17:00 (GMT)SC FreiburgEstorilGroup HBadenova Stadion
17:00 (GMT)LyonRejikaGroup IMunicipal de Gerland
17:00 (GMT)Real BetisGuimaraesGroup IBenito Villamarin
17:00 (GMT)Apllon LimassolLazioGroup JRsirion Stadium
17:00 (GMT)TrabzonsporLegia WarsawGroup JH. Avni Aker Stadium
17:00 (GMT)Anzhi MakhachkalaTromsoGroup KKhazar Stadium
17:00 (GMT)Sheriff TiraspolTottenham HotspurGroup KSheriff Stadium
17:00 (GMT)Shakhter KaragandyAZ AlkmaarGroup LShaktyor Stadium
17:00 (GMT)PAOK SalonikaMaccabi HaifaGroup LToumbas Stadium
17:00 (GMT)Kuban KrasnodarSwansea CityGroup AKuban Stadium
18:00 (GMT)St GallenValenciaGroup AAFG Arena
18:00 (GMT)Ludogorets RazgradChornomoratesGroup BLudogorets Arena
18:00 (GMT)PSV EindhovenDinamo ZagrebGroup BPhilips Stadion
18:00 (GMT)EsbjergElfsborgGroup CBlue Water Arena
18:00 (GMT)Standard LiegeSV SalzburgGroup CMaurice Dufrasne
18:00 (GMT)FK Rubin KazanWigan AthleticGroup DTsentralnyi Stadium
18:00 (GMT)NK MariborZulte WaregemGroup DLjudski vrt
18:00 (GMT)Dnipro DnipropetrovskPacos de FerreiraGroup EDnipro Arena
18:00 (GMT)Pandurii Targu JiuFiorentinaGroup ETudor Vladimirescu
18:00 (GMT)Apoel NicosiaBordeauxGroup FG S Pancypria Stadium
18:00 (GMT)Maccabi Tel AvivEintracht FrankfurtGroup FBloomfield Stadium
20:05 (GMT)FC ThunDynamo KievGroup GArena Thun
20:05 (GMT)Rapid ViennaRacing GenkGroup GGerhard Hanappi
20:05 (GMT)EstorilSC FreiburgGroup HEstadio Antonio
20:05 (GMT)Sevilla FCLiberecGroup HEstadio Ramon Sanchez
20:05 (GMT)GuimaraesReal BetisGroup IEstadio da Afonso
20:05 (GMT)RijekaLyonGroup IKantrida Stadium
20:05 (GMT)LazioApollon LimassolGroup JStadio Olimpico
20:05 (GMT)Legia WarsawTrabzonsporGroup JPolish Army Stadium
20:05 (GMT)Tottenham HotspurSheriff TiraspolGroup KWhite Hart Lane
20:05 (GMT)TromsoAnzhi MakhachkalaGroup KAlfheim Stadion
20:05 (GMT)AZ AlkmaarShakhter KaragandyGroup LAFAS Stadion
20:05 (GMT)Maccabi HafiaPAOK SalonikaGroup LKiryat Eli’zer Stadium
17:00 (GMT)Kuban LrasnodarSt GallenGroup AKuban Stadium
20:05 (GMT)Swansea CityValenciaGroup ALiberty Stadium
20:05 (GMT)ChornomoretsDinamo ZagrebGroup BTsentralnyi Stadium
20:05 (GMT)Ludogorets RazgardPSV EindhovenGroup BLudogorets Arena
20:05 (GMT)ElfsborgSV SalzburgGroup CBaros Arena
20:05 (GMT)EsbjergStandard LiegeGroup CBlue Water Arena
17:00 (GMT)FK Rubin KazanNK MariborGroup DTsentralnyi Stadium
20:05 (GMT)Wigan AthleticZulte WaregemGroup DThe DW Stadium
20:05 (GMT)Dnipro DnipropetrovskPandurii targu JiuGroup EDnipro Arena
20:05 (GMT)Pacos de FerreiraFiorentinaGroup EEstadio da Mata Real
20:05 (GMT)Apoel NicosiaMaccabi Tel AvivGroup FG S Pancypria Stadium
20:05 (GMT)BordeauxEintracht FrankfurtGroup FChaban Delmas
18:00 (GMT)Racing GenkDynamo KievGroup GCristal Arena
18:00 (GMT)Rapid ViennaFC ThunGroup GGerhard Hanappi
18:00 (GMT)LiberecSC FreiburgGroup HU Nisy Stadium
18:00 (GMT)Sevilla FCEstorilGroup HEstadio Ramon
18:00 (GMT)LyonReal BetisGroup IMunicipal De Gerland
18:00 (GMT)RijekaGuimaraesGroup IKantrida Stadium
18:00 (GMT)Legia WarsawLazioGroup JPolish Army Stadium
18:00 (GMT)TrabzonsporApollon LimassolGroup JH. Avni Aker Stadium
17:00 (GMT)Anzhi MakhachkalaSheriff TiraspolGroup KKhazar Stadium
18:00 (GMT)TromsoTottenham HotspurGroup KAlfheim Stadion
17:00 (GMT)Shakhter KaragandyPAOK SalonikaGroup LShaktyor Stadium
18:00 (GMT)AZ AlkmaarMaccabi HafiaGroup LAFAS Stadion
18:00 (GMT)St GallenSwansea CityGroup AAFG Arena
18:00 (GMT)ValenciaKuban KrasnodarGroup AMestalla
18:00 (GMT)Dinamo ZagrebLudogorets RazgradGroup BMaksimir Stadium
18:00 (GMT)PSV EindhovenChornomoretsGroup BPhilips Stadion
18:00 (GMT)Standard LiegeElfsborgGroup CMaurice Dufrasne
18:00 (GMT)SV SalzburgEsbjergGroup CRed Bull Arena
18:00 (GMT)NK MariborWigan AthleticGroup DLjudski vrt
18:00 (GMT)Zulte WaregemFK Rubin KazanGroup DJan Breydel Stadium
18:00 (GMT)FiorentinaDnipro DnipropetrovskGroup EArtemo Frenchi
18:00 (GMT)Pandurii Targu JiuPacos de FerreiraGroup ETudor Vladimirescu
18:00 (GMT)Eitracht FrankfurtApoel NicosiaGroup FCommerzbank Arena
18:00 (GMT)Maccabi Tel AvivBordeauxGroup FBloomfield Stadium
20:05 (GMT)Dynamo KievRapid ViennaGroup GNSC Olympiyskiy
20:05 (GMT)FC ThunRacing GenkGroup GArena Thun
20:05 (GMT)EstorilLiberecGroup HEstadio Entonio
20:05 (GMT)SC FreiburgSevilla FCGroup HBadenova Stadion
20:05 (GMT)GuimaraesLyonGroup IEstadio D. Afonso
20:05 (GMT)Real BetisRijekaGroup IBenito Villamarin
20:05 (GMT)Apollon LimassolLegia WarsawGroup JTsirion Stadium
20:05 (GMT)LazioTrabzonsporGroup JStadio Olimpico
20:05 (GMT)Sheriff TiraspolTromsoGroup KSheriff Stadium
20:05 (GMT)Tottenham HotspurAnzhi MakhachkalaGroup KWhite Hart lane
20:05 (GMT)Maccabi HafiaShakhter KaragandyGroup LKiryat Eli’ezer Stadium
20:05 (GMT)PAOK SalonikaAZ AlkmaarGroup LToumbas Stadium

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