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Euro 2016 qualifiers fixtures in IST time

UEFA EURO 2016 Qualifiers Fixtures in IST, Telecast in India

All fixtures, upcoming matches of UEFA Euro 2016 qualifiers are available in IST [Indian Standard Time] here. The UEFA Euro 2016 will be the 15th edition of men’s national football championship which will be played in France. Being hosting nation, France have qualified for the European Championship. Remaining 23 teams will qualify via qualification round. Check out the schedule of Euro 2016 qualifiers in IST right over here.

EURO 2016 Qualifiers IST Fixtures

Euro 2016 qualifiers fixtures in IST time

The qualification round of this competition begun from September 2014. Total of 53 national football teams will compete against each other to play the finals in France. These 53 teams are divided into nine groups. Eight groups are categorized in 6 teams and the last group is of 5 teams.

This is first time in the history of European Championship in which 24 national teams will qualify for the finals. Each group winners and runners-up will qualify for the finals. 8 Remaining third place teams will play two legged playoffs round for the last 4 qualifiers the finals.

MatchTime [IST]
14 November 2014
Georgia vs Poland10:30pm
Germany vs Gibraltar01:15am
Greece vs Faroe Islands01:15am
Hungary vs Finland01:15am
 Portugal vs Armenia01:15am
Romania vs Northern Ireland01:15am
Scotland vs Ireland Republic01:15am
Serbia vs Denmark01:15am
15 November 2014
Austria vs Russia10:30pm
England vs Slovenia10:30pm
Luxembourg vs Ukraine10:30pm
Moldova vs Liechtenstein10:30pm
San Marino vs Estonia10:30pm
Macedonia vs Slovakia01:15am
Montenegro vs Sweden01:15am
Spain vs Belarus01:15am
Switzerland vs Lithuania01:15am
16 November 2014
Azerbaijan vs Norway10:30pm
Belgium vs Wales10:30pm
Cyprus vs Andorra10:30pm
Netherlands vs Latvia10:30pm
Bulgaria vs Malta01:15am
Czech Republic vs Iceland01:15am
Israel vs Bosnia & Herzegovina01:15am
Italy vs Croatia01:15am
Turkey vs Kazakhstan01:15am
12 June 2015
Andorra vs Cyprus12: 15 am
Bosnia & Herzegovina vs Israel12: 15 am
Croatia vs Italy12: 15 am
Iceland vs Czech Republic12: 15 am
13 June 2015
Kazakhstan vs Turkey9:30 pm
Armenia vs Portgual9:30 pm
Finland vs Hungary9:30 pm
Poland vs Georgia9:30 pm
14 June 2015
Northern Ireland vs Romania12: 15 am
Gibraltar vs Germany12: 15 am
Faroe Islands vs Greece12: 15 am
Denmark vs Serbia12: 15 am
Liechtenstein vs Moldova9:30 pm
Estonia vs San Marino9:30 pm
Russia vs Austria9:30 pm
Slovenia vs England9:30 pm
Ukraine vs Luxembourg9:30 pm
15 June 2015
Lithuania vs Switzerland12 :15 am
Belarus vs Spain12 :15 am
Sweden vs Montenegro12 :15 am
Slovakia vs FYR Macedonia12 :15 am
4 Sept 2015
Czech Republic vs Kazakhstan12 :15 am
Israel vs Andorra12 :15 am
Italy vs Malta12 :15 am
Netherlands vs Iceland12 :15 am
Turkey vs Latvia12 :15 am
Georgia vs Scotland12 :15 am
5 Sept 2015
Denmark vs Albania12 :15 am
Faroe Island vs Northern Ireland12 :15 am
Germany vs Poland12 :15 am
Gibraltar vs Ireland Republic12 :15 am
Greece vs Finland12 :15 am
Hungary vs Romania12 :15 am
Serbia vs Armenia12 :15 am
Estonia vs Lithuania9:30 pm
Luxembourg vs Macedonia9:30 pm
Russia vs Sweden9:30 pm
San Marino vs England9:30 pm
Ukraine vs Belarus9:30 pm
6 Sept 2015
Austria vs Moldova12:15 am
Montenegro vs Liechtenstein12:15 am
Spain vs Slovakia12:15 am
Switzerland vs Slovenia12:15 am
Latvia vs Czech Republic9:30 pm
Malta vs Azerbaijan9:30 pm
Norway vs Croatia9:30 pm
Turkey vs Netherlands9:30 pm
Wales vs Israel9:30 pm
7 Sept 2015
Bosnia vs Andorra12:15 am
Iceland vs Kazakhstan12:15 am
Italy vs Bulgaria12:15 am
Armenia vs Denmark9:30 pm
8 Sept 2015
Albania vs Portugal12:15 am
Finland vs Faroe Islands12:15 am
Ireland Republic vs Georgia12:15 am
Northerland Ireland vs Hungary12:15 am
Poland vs Gibraltar12:15 am
Romania vs Greece12:15 am
Scotland vs Germany12:15 am
9 Sept 2015
Belarus vs Luxembourg12:15 am
England vs Switzerland12:15 am
Liechtenstein vs Russia12:15 am
Lithuania vs San Marino12:15 am
Macedonia vs Spain12:15 am
Moldova vs Montenegro12:15 am
Slovakia vs Ukraine12:15 am
Slovenia vs Estonia12:15 am
Sweden vs Austria12:15 am
8 Oct 2015
Georgia vs Gibraltar9:30 pm
9 Oct 2015
Scotland vs Poland12:15 am
Romania vs Finland12:15 am
Albania vs Serbia12:15 am
Republic of Ireland vs Germany12:15 am
Hungary vs Faroe Islands12:15 am
Northern Ireland vs Greece12:15 am
Portugal vs Denmark12:15 am
10 Oct 2015
Montenegro vs Austria12:15 am
Slovakia vs Belarus12:15 am
Liechtenstein vs Sweden12:15 am
England vs Estonia12:15 am
Moldova vs Russia12:15 am
Spain vs Luxembourg12:15 am
Macedonia vs Ukraine12:15 am
Switzerland vs San Marino12:15 am
Slovenia vs Lithuania12:15 am
Kazakhstan vs Netherlands9:30 pm
Azerbaijan vs Italy9:30 pm
Norway vs Malta9:30 pm
Iceland vs Latvia9:30 pm
11 Oct 2015
Bosnia vs Herzegovina12:15 am
Andorra vs Belgium12:15 am
Israel vs Cyprus12:15 am
Croatia vs Bulgaria12:15 am
Czech Republic vs Turkey12:15 am
Finland vs Northern Ireland9:30 pm
Armenia vs Albania9:30 pm
Faroe Islands vs Romania9:30 pm
Greece vs Hungary9:30 pm
Serbia vs Portugal9:30 pm
12 Oct 2015
Poland vs Republic Of Ireland12:15 am
Gibraltar vs Scotland12:15 am
Germany vs Georgia12:15 am
Austria vs Liechtenstein9:30 pm
Sweden vs Moldova9:30 pm
Russia vs Montenegro9:30 pm
13 Oct 2015
Lithuania vs England12:15 am
Estonia vs Switzerland12:15 am
Belarus vs Macedonia12:15 am
San Marino vs Slovenia12:15 am
Ukraine vs Spain12:15 am
Luxembourg vs Slovakia12:15 am
14 Oct 2015
Netherlands vs Czech Republic12:15 am
Belgium vs Israel12:15 am
Bulgaria vs Azerbaijan12:15 am
Wales vs Andorra12:15 am
Turkey vs Iceland12:15 am
Cyprus vs Bosnia and Herzegovina12:15 am
Malta vs Croatia12:15 am
Latvia vs Kazakhstan12:15 am
Italy vs Norway12:15 am

Note: Above match dates and timings are in IST [Indian Standard Time]

Each team will play two games against other team of same group. Qualification round will end in the month of November 2015. The finals will be played from 10 June 2016 to 10 July 2016.

Euro 2016 Telecast in India

You can watch the qualification round on Sony Six TV channel. All the upcoming matches of UEFA Euro 2016 will be telecasted on Sony Six TV channel. The also provided live telecast of FIFA World Cup 2014. Other global broadcasters are TF1, M6, beIN Sport [France], ARD, ZDF [Germany], NOS [Netherlands], NRK, TV2 [Norway], Polsat [Poland], SVT, TV4 [Sweden], Show TV [Turkey], Ukrayina, football [Ukraine].

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