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UEFA Champions League 2013–14 Fixtures

UEFA Champions League 2013–14 Fixtures

Upcoming matches of UEFA Champions league of season 2013–14 are available. The fixtures of champions league matches with date, time & venue in detail. The league of the champions is going to start this month on date of 17th-Sep-2013. On first day of this league, total of 8 matches will be played. The current champion of Premier League which is Manchester united will play its 1st match of this League against Bayer Leverkusen.

UEFA Champions league fixtures 2013-14
UEFA Champions league fixtures 2013–14

UEFA Champions League 2013–14 Fixture table

17-September ‑2013 (TUESDAY)
TimeStageHome teamAway teamVenue
18:45 (GMT)Group AReal SociedadDonetskEstadio Anoeta
18:45 (GMT)Group AMan UnitedLeverkusenOld Trafford
18:45 (GMT)Group BFC CopenhagenJuventusParkstadion
18:45 (GMT)Group BGalatasarayReal MadridTurk Arena
18:45 (GMT)Group CBenficaAnderlechtEstadio da luz
18:45 (GMT)Group COlympiakosParis Saint GermainKaraiskaki Stadium
18:45 (GMT)Group DBayern MunichCSKA MoscowAllianz Arena
18:45 (GMT)Group DViktoria PlzenManchester CityStruncovy Stadion
18-September-2013 (Wednesday)
18:45 (GMT)Group EChelseaFC BaselStamford bridge
18:45 (GMT)Group ESchalke 04Steaua BucurestiVeltins Arena
18:45 (GMT)Group FMarseilleArsenalStade Velodrome
18:45 (GMT)Group FNapoliBorussia DortmundStadio San Polo
18:45 (GMT)Group GAC MilanCelticStadio Giuseppe
18:45 (GMT)Group GBarcelonaAjax AmsterdamEstadio Camp Nou
18:45 (GMT)Group HAtletico MadridZenit St PetersburgVicente Calderon
18:45 (GMT)Group HAustria ViennaFC PortoGenerali Arena
01-October-2013 (Tuesday)
18:45 (GMT)Group EFC BaselSchalke 04St Jacob Park
18:45 (GMT)Group ESteaua BucurestiChelseaStadionul Ghencea
18:45 (GMT)Group FArsenalNapoliEmirates stadium
18:45 (GMT)Group FB. DortmundMarseilleSignal Iduna Park
18:45 (GMT)Group GAjax AmsterdamAC MilanAmsterdam Arena
18:45 (GMT)Group GCelticBarcelonaCeltic Park
18:45 (GMT)Group HSt. PetersburgAustria ViennaPetrovski Stadium
18:45 (GMT)Group HFC PortoAtletico MadridEstadio do Dragao
02-October-2013 (Wednesday)
18:45 (GMT)Group ABayer LeverkusenReal SociedadBay Arena
18:45 (GMT)Group AShakhtar DonetskManchester UnitedDonbass Arena
18:45 (GMT)Group BJuventusGalatasarayJuventus Stadium
18:45 (GMT)Group BReal MadridFC CopenhagenEstadio Santiago
18:45 (GMT)Group CAnderlechtOlympiakosConstant Vanden
18:45 (GMT)Group CPSGBenficaParc des Princes
18:45 (GMT)Group DCSKA MoscowViktoria PlzenArena Khimki
18:45 (GMT)Group DManchester CityBayern MunichEtihad Stadium
22-October-2013 (Tuesday)
18:45 (GMT)Group ESchalke 04ChelseaVeltins Arena
18:45 (GMT)Group ESteaua BucurestiFC baselStdadionul Ghencea
18:45 (GMT)Group FArsenalB. DortmundEmirates stadium
18:45 (GMT)Group FMarseilleNapoliStade Velodrome
18:45 (GMT)Group GAC MilanBarcelonaStadio Meazza
18:45 (GMT)Group GCelticAjax AmsterdamCeltic Park
18:45 (GMT)Group HAustria ViennaAtletico MadridGenerali Arena
18:45 (GMT)Group HFC PortoZenit PetersburgEstadio do Dragao
23-October-2013 (2013)
18:45 (GMT)Group ABayer LeverkusenS. DonetskBay Arena
18:45 (GMT)Group AManchester UnitedReal SociedadOld Trafford
18:45 (GMT)Group BGalatasarayFC CopenhagenTurk Telecom Arena
18:45 (GMT)Group BReal MadridJuventusEstadio Santiago
18:45 (GMT)Group CAnderlechtPSGConstant vanden
18:45 (GMT)Group CBenficaOlymiakosEstadio da luz
18:45 (GMT)Group DCSKA MoscowManchester CityArena Khimki
18:45 (GMT)Group DBayern MunichViktoria PlzenAllianz Arena
05-November-2013 (Tuesday)
19:45 (GMT)Group AReal SociedadManchester UnitedEstadio Anoeta
19:45 (GMT)Group AS. DonetskBayer LeverkusenDonbass Arena
19:45 (GMT)Group BFC CopenhagenGalatasarayParkstadion
19:45 (GMT)Group BJuventusReal MadridJuventus Stadium
19:45 (GMT)Group COlympiakosBenficaKaraiskaki Stadium
19:45 (GMT)Group CPSGAnderlechtParc des Princes
19:45 (GMT)Group DManchester CityCSKA MoscowEtihad Stadium
19:45 (GMT)Group DViktoria PlzenBayern MunichStruncovy Stadion
06-November-2013 (Wednesday)
19:45 (GMT)Group EChelseaSchalke 04Stamford Bridge
19:45 (GMT)Group EFC baselSteaua BucurestiSt Jakob park
19:45 (GMT)Group FB. DortmundArsenalSignal Iduna Park
19:45 (GMT)Group FNapoliMarseilleStadio San Paolo
19:45 (GMT)Group GAjax AmsterdamCelticAmsterdam Arena
19:45 (GMT)Group GBarcelonaAC MilanEstadio Camp Nou
19:45 (GMT)Group HZenit PetersburgFC PortoPetrovski stadium
19:45 (GMT)Group HAtletico MadridAustria ViennaVicente Calderon
26-November-2013 (Tuesday)
19:45 (GMT)Group EFC BaselChelseaSt Jacob Park
19:45 (GMT)Group ESteaua BucurestiSchalke 04Stadionul Ghencea
19:45 (GMT)Group FArsenalMarseilleEmirates Stadium
19:45 (GMT)Group FB. DortmundNapoliSignal Iduna Park
19:45 (GMT)Group GAjax AmsterdamBarcelonaAmsterdam Arena
19:45 (GMT)Group GCelticAC MilanCeltic Park
19:45 (GMT)Group HZenit PetersburgAtletico MadridPetrovski Stadium
19:45 (GMT)Group HFC PortoAustria ViennaEstadio do Drogao
27-November-2013 (Wednesday)
19:45 (GMT)Group ABayer LeverkusenManchester UnitedBay Arena
19:45 (GMT)Group AS. DonetskReal SociedadDonbass Arena
19:45 (GMT)Group BJuventusFC CopenhagenJuventus Stadium
19:45 (GMT)Group BReal MadridGalatasararyEstadio Santiago
19:45 (GMT)Group CAnderlechtBenficaConstant Vanden
19:45 (GMT)Group CPSGOlympiakosParc des Princes
19:45 (GMT)Group DCSKA MoscowBayern MunichArena Khimki
19:45 (GMT)Group DManchester CityViktoria PlzenEtihad Stadium
10-December-2013 (Tuesday)
19:45 (GMT)Group AManchester UnitedS. DonetskOld Trafford
19:45 (GMT)Group AReal SociedadBayer LeverkusenEstadio Anoeta
19:45 (GMT)Group BFC CopenhagenReal MadridParkstadion
19:45 (GMT)Group BGalatasararyJuventusTurk Telekom Arena
19:45 (GMT)Group CBenficaPSGEstadio da Luz
19:45 (GMT)Group COlympiakosAnderlechtKaraiskaki Stadium
19:45 (GMT)Group DBayern MunichManchester CityAllianz Arena
19:45 (GMT)Group DViktoria PlzenCSKA MoscowStruncovy Stadion
11-December-2013 (Wednesday)
19:45 (GMT)Group EChelseaSteaua BucurestiStamford Bridge
19:45 (GMT)Group ESchalke 04FC BaselVeltins Arena
19:45 (GMT)Group FMarseilleB. DortmundStade Velodrome
19:45 (GMT)Group FNapoliArsenalStadio San Polo
19:45 (GMT)Group GAc MilanAjax AmsterdamStadio Giuseppe
19:45 (GMT)Group GBarcelonaCelticEstadio Camp Nou
19:45 (GMT)Group HAtletico MadridFC PortoVicente Calderon
19:45 (GMT)Group HAustria ViennaZenit PetersburgGenerali Arena

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