Monday , 27 June 2022
“travis munn gets back to football after tough disease”

Travis Munn gets back to football after tough disease

Totally exhausted by everlasting sessions of chemotherapy, Travis Munn, the ex-football player was recently convinced he’s going to pass away soon, leaving his beloved spouse and two kids.

Nevertheless, just seven months later he suddenly managed to get back to his team Borrowash Victoria. That’s a real miracle not only for his family but also for numerous sports fans worldwide.

His return to a pre-season friendly demonstrates a crucial step in the player’s recovery from a dangerous health disorder – scleroderma. It’s a life-threatening auto-immune illness. There’s no doubt that his return happens to be the most impressive sporting event this summer.

His trouble began in 2014. During an ordinary training session, the football player suddenly felt bad. He had difficulty in breathing, with hands getting blue.
Scleroderma doesn’t appear to be cancer. However, it took the sportsman’s body prisoner.

Fortunately, the treatment course gave positive outcomes and now he even feels himself younger.

“travis munn gets back to football after tough disease”

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