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Copa America Records

Top 5 Copa America Records Which Hard To Break

South America’s main football tournament Copa America is on the way of its 44th edition. This is the competition which has been played from the birth of football. It is organized by CONMEBOL after every four years played between 12 national football teams from two confederations. So many records have been set up right from the first edition and most of them are expected to be broken this year. However, there are some Copa America records which are hard to break in this series. So let’s take a close look on those records which are difficult to break anytime soon.

1. Highest Victory: Argentina vs Ecuador — 12–0

Copa America is consists of world’s best teams and some new teams also. Football fans have witnessed lots of one sided games in Copa America. CONMEBOL has recorded some big victories, but there is only one victory that no side has achieved it. Let’s go to back in history and take a look on Copa America 1942 edition.

During this competition, Argentina recorded the biggest ever victory in 1942 against Ecuador. It was first Copa America tournament of Ecuador and their first game was against Uruguay. In the very first game, they faced humiliated defeat at the hands of Uruguay and suffered heavy defeat of 7–0.

Worst was yet to come for Ecuador. Their next game was against Argentina and saw an unexpected result. The dominant force of Argentina made back to back attacks and dominate the Ecuador team, lost by 12–0 which is the biggest ever defeat in Copa America. Throughout the tournament, Ecuador conceded 31 goals and scored just 4 goals.

2. Copa America Most Times Appearances: Uruguay — 41

Copa America Records

So far, 43 editions have been organized by CONMEBOL and no side have played all tournaments. Uruguay are the only ones who played it 41 times in the history of Copa America. After playing it 41 times. Uruguay won it 15 times, more than any other team. Argentina are just one title behind Uruguay and this record can be broken this year.

At the second spot of playing most Copa America tournaments, There is 14 times winners of CA football championship who played it 39 times. Check out the table for more information


3. Top Goal Scorers of Copa America

Copa America Records

There are two players who scored most goals goals in the history of this South American football championship. Norberto Mendez and Zizinho are all Copa America all time top goal scorers. It seems like this record is not going to be break in the upcoming two or three editions. This is because there is no active player in the list of top 10 goal scorers of Copa America.

1Norberto MendezArgentina17
3Teodoro FernandezPeru15
Severino VarelaUruguay15
Gabriel BatistutaArgentina13
Jose Manuel MorenoArgentina13

4 Highest Goal Scoring Team: Argentina — 22 goals

Copa America Records

Despite playing most tournaments and winning most titles, Uruguay are still lags behind Argentina in terms of scoring most goals. Argentina are know as the most goal scorers of Copa America who set up a record of netting 422 times in last 39 Copa America appearances. Uruguay are not even at the second spot as Brazil have scored second highest goals in this competition. Full information is given in table below.

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5. Most Back To Back Titles: Argentina: 3

Copa America Records

There is only one team in this tournament that have made hat-trick of winning this competition. The Whites and Sky Blues have won this championship. Argentina registered their name in winning Copa America in 1945, 1946 and 1947. This is the record is also quite difficult to break.

So these are the Copa America records which are hard to break. Do you think anyone one of the above record can be broken easily?

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