Wednesday , 18 May 2022

Dani Alves

Dani Alves has become a Barcelona player again

Dani Alves returned to Barcelona 5 years after leaving the club. Javi Hernandez has not yet played a single match as head coach of Barcelona, but he has already made a high-profile transfer — he returned 38-year-old Alves to the team. As a result, Dani will again play for the club where he spent the best years of his career and gained worldwide fame. In eight years at Barcelona, the Brazilian has won 23 trophies – a record in the history of the Catalan team. The defender is happy, posts touching photos on Instagram with captions about the legendary comeback …

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Dani Alves in Sao Paulo: from hero to “worst signing in history”

Dani Alves put the medal on top of his head and stuck out his tongue — the usual behaviour of a 38-year-old football player who is still a teenager at heart. Then, finally, he achieved his goal: Brazil beat Spain in the Olympic final in Yokohama, and Alves added another trophy to his collection. While he was celebrating, Alves still understood that he would soon return to Brazil, where journalists would no longer ask about the Japanese triumph. There is something else on the schedule here. There were heated discussions on television and in newspapers about what was happening with …

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