Tuesday , 6 December 2022


“gabriele marcotti: alexis sanchez might abandon red devils”

Gabriele Marcotti: Alexis Sanchez might abandon Red Devils

It was reported on Friday that the Red Devils were negotiating with some football clubs a possibility of a transfer for their player Alexis Sanchez. Eventually, his potential transfer to Inter Milan might be a serious loss for the club’s striking capability. That’s what Gabriele Marcotti uncovered in his recent interview. The club’s current striking options are represented by Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford. Besides this, Mason Greenwood currently acts as their understudy and also serving as the club’s late replacement in two Premier League plays of the season. Earlier, Romelu Lukaku moved to Inter Milan for $89,63m. Gabriele Marcotti …

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“tottenham is about to acquire victor wanyama”

Tottenham are about to acquire Victor Wanyama

Spurs are currently negotiating with Club Bruges, the Belgian side. Spurs would like to sign Victor Wanyama, their midfielder. The player of the Kenyan origin aged 28 who moved from Southampton to Tottenham for $13,45m in 2016 could shift to the Jupiler Pro League leaders for up to $11,00m. This month, Club Bruges shelled out $7,82m for Simon Mignoletearlier, the ex-Liverpool goalkeeper. However, it has become evident for Victor Wanyama that his first-team chances reduce because Harry Winks has recovered from injury at the beginning of the previous football season. Aside from that, as a midfielder, he has undergone extra …

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“a bunch of fresh transfer rumors”

A bunch of fresh transfer rumors

Manchester United are on the verge of acquiring Jadon Sancho, the England winger for $122,23m. The deal is expected to take place in the January transfer window. The Red Devils are assured that they have a real chance to make it come true notwithstanding the winger’s newly-concluded deal with Borussia Dortmund. Meanwhile, Barcelona have tried to have Neymar signed on loan. The deal should come with a €150m option to purchase. However, Paris Saint-Germain neglected their bid since they would like to get at least €250m for the player. Cristiano Ronaldo is assured that Manchester United did wrong singing Harry …

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“jadon sancho moves to borussia dortmund for $230,55m”

Jadon Sancho moves to Borussia Dortmund for $230,55m

A deal with Borussia Dortmund worth $230,55m has been signed by Jadon Sancho, thus ruining hopes of Manchester United that were trying to acquire him the whole summer inspired by his impressive performance the previous campaign. The player, aged 19 is believed to have signed a long-term contract bringing him a weekly wage of up to 230,550 a week. By the way, his previous contract suggested just $91,010 a week until 2022. Borussia Dortmund were eager to have him rewarded after the player refused to abandon the club against the backdrop of interest from Paris Saint-Germain. At the beginning of …

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“cristiano ronaldo wants to retire due to current transfer fees”

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to retire due to current transfer fees

The previous year Cristiano Ronaldo abandoned Real Madrid and moved to Juventus for a €112m fee. However, the Portuguese player told he’s fed up with all of this. The player aged 34 admitted his retirement in his interview to TV1, the Portuguese channel. Simultaneously, he added that it’s also possible for him to keep playing football past 40. The previous season the player managed to shoot up to 28 goals for 43 appearances. The player told that he would like to continue exploiting his football gift as long as possible if nothing prevents. Besides this, the player is dissatisfied with …

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“christian eriksen considers moving to any of three squads”

Christian Eriksen considers moving to any of three squads

Christian Eriksen, the Tottenham midfielder may abandon his club in case of receiving an offer from any the three clubs, including Juventus, Barcelona, and Madrid. The player made it clear to Spurs that he’s eager to depart from the club and he’s not going to have his contract renewed. Several football clubs are reportedly interested in the player. However, Tottenham haven’t obtained any offers matching their valuation yet. In June, the player came up with a shocking announcement that he was eager to abandon Spurs. Nevertheless, he still appears to be their midfielder, with two weeks left of the European …

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“tottenham, manchester city, and manchester united are interested in eduardo camavinga”

Tottenham, Manchester City, and Manchester United are interested in Eduardo Camavinga

Eduardo Camavinga, a promising teen football player reportedly appears to be an object of interest of a number of well-known football clubs, including Tottenham, Manchester City, and Manchester United. Last Sunday, the wunderkind, aged 16 lead his squad to an impressive 2–1 victory over the French champions. The young player managed to attract the attention of those three football clubs mentioned above due to his brilliant match versus PGS. Some sources ascertain that the representatives of those clubs were present at the match watching wunderkind’s performance. Tottenham even admitted a possibility of transfer for the young football star after his …

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“bayern munich acquires barcelona’s philippe coutinho”

Bayern Munich acquires Barcelona’s Philippe Coutinho

Bayern Munich have managed to acquire Barcelona’s Philippe Coutinho. The season-long contract for the attacking midfielder comes with an option to purchase the player. As Barcelona informed, the German club is expected to shell out up to 8.5m euros for the player aged 27. That’s a loan amount, while the final purchase sum accounts for up to 120m euros. Moreover, the German side will also pay the player’s wages for the period of the loan spell. The player told that there were several things he was dissatisfied with in Barcelona but it’s all in the past. He added that he …

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“fernando llorente intends to play for lazio”

Fernando Llorente intends to play for Lazio

It has been reported that Fernando Llorente intends to join Lazio. The deal may take place within a free transfer after his Tottenham departure. Tottenham released him at the end of previous football season following a two-season spell. For 66 appearances for the club, the player aged 34 managed to shoot up to 13 goals. As a matter of fact, he was linked with a number of Italian football clubs, in particular, Fiorentina, Napoli as well as Milan. However, some sources revealed that Llorente negotiated with Lazio prior to the inevitable move. The player assisted Spurs in reaching the Champions …

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“countiho will play for bayern munich”

Countiho will play for Bayern Munich

Philippe Coutinho currently playing for Barcelona is expected to shift to Bayern Munich. It’s going to be a loan deal. The player will play for them for the rest of the football season. That’s what the club informed on Friday. The player accompanied Barcelona to their opening La Liga match of the football season versus Athletic Blbao, although was excluded from the matchday squad. Guillermo Amor, the official responsible for institutional relations replied that an agreement with Bayern Munich over a loan for the player has been already reached. The 27-year-old player joined Barca Munich shifting from Liverpool the previous …

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“another portion of football transfer gossip”

Another portion of football transfer gossip

It’s rumored that Roma are very close to making a deal with Dejan Lovren. Some sources informed that the club had been searching for an accurate and reliable central defender. Having pondered a lot they finally decided that Liverpool’s player was the right candidate. Additionally, the Giallorossi are interested in Patrik Schick as a striker. They hope they will succeed to grasp him before the transfer shuts down. However, Borussia Dortmund are also among those interested in the Czech striker aged 23. By the way, the player didn’t take an opportunity to play for Newcastle this summer because he was …

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“fresh transfer gossip and news”

Fresh transfer gossip and news

Mohamed Salah is anticipated to abandon Liverpool not later than for the next 12 months. The Egyptian player is chased by both Juventus and Real Madrid. Previously overwhelmed with an idea of signing Bruno Fernandes, the Sporting Lisbon midfielder, Manchester United gave up this initiative because they doubt the play is really worth making a deal with. This summer, Alexis Sanchez has refused to abandon Manchester United notwithstanding the fact boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the boss threatened to drop him to the reserves in case he stays. Meanwhile, Tottenham don’t demonstrate their interest in Paulo Dybala, the Juventus midfielder any longer, …

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“aff make a probe into racism claims”

AFF make a probe into racism claims

A probe into allegations of racial discrimination of the under-18 players of Queens Park Rangers has been started by the Andalusian Football Federation. Paul Furlong, the trainer instructed his squad to have the pitch left during a friendly versus AD Nervion the previous week. QPR urged UEFA to come up with the strictest measures since the game fell under their jurisdiction. In turn, FIFA replied that it’s going to make a probe if they obtain a complaint about that incident. They added that they haven’t received any racial discrimination reports yet. Additionally, the Andalusian Football Federation told that it didn’t …

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“borussia dortmund neglect attractive offer for sancho”

Borussia Dortmund neglect attractive offer for Sancho but guess he might depart

As Borussia Dortmund informed, earlier this year they neglected an offer from a well-known club as to Jadon Sancho. The player aged 19, who abandoned Manchester City in 2017 with the aim of joining the Bundesliga outfit, was linked with a comeback to England to join counterparts United. Apparently, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side was believed to be ready to play up to $120m for the England international, although Borussia didn’t want to sell him. Hans-Joachim Watzke, the club’s CEO didn’t uncover which squad had come up with an offer as to the player but admitted that Sancho might depart from …

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“mario balotelli intends to play for brescia for there years”

Mario Balotelli intends to play for Brescia for there years

The player aged 29, Mario Balotelli has already made up his mind to sign a three-year deal with Brescia having rejected Flamengo’s offer. As a matter of fact, he happens to be a free player after abandoning Marseille this summer. The player had been negotiating with Brescia for some time as he pondered over various scenarios. Flamengo tried to persuade him to have a return to his native club for them swapped instead. However, Balotelli decided to neglect Flamengo alongside Florentina’s late offer. He’s currently close to signing a contract returning him to Series A. By the way, the player …

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“rafael benítez complains at poor trust at newcastle”

Rafael Benítez complains at poor trust at Newcastle

As Rafael Benitez explained, it was poor trust rather than China’s financial offer that made him decide to abandon Newcastle. As a matter of fact, this summer when his contract expired Rafael Benítez abandoned St James’ Park and shifted to Dalian Yifang, the Chinese Super League squad with a decent pay amount. On Sunday, Lee Charnley, the Newcastle CEO told in the mandatory program for the match versus Arsenal that Rafael’s decision was solely caused by money. Rafael Benítez explained that he strived to perform better in the club. He even remained with them when they set off for the …

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