Saturday , 21 May 2022

Wayne Rooney

Rooney also lights up as a coach. Now he is saving a bankrupt club from relegation

More than a year has passed since Wayne Rooney’s coaching career. Even though he is younger than his former attacking partner Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney is already working at Derby as a head coach. At the same time, the experience there is more than just the first experience of a legendary player in a new status. Rooney is close to a historic success at the start of his coaching career. In 2019, Wayne signed a contract with Derby as both a player and a playing coach. However, the club needed him much more on the field for a long time. In …

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Wayne Rooney’s Derby County Tragedy

Before us is a team from the Championship, which Wayne Rooney coaches. In the past, it was managed by Philip Koku and Frank Lampard. The white T‑shirt has been tried on by Rooney himself, Mason Mount, Ashley Cole and Fikayo Timori. The Rams became champions of England twice. It’s a proud club, and it’s going through a crisis. Look from the side, and it seems that everything is not so wrong. The standings are not so frustrating — 12th place, right in the middle. Two wins and four draws. But dig a little deeper, and problems begin. Derby can be deprived …

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