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The Wonderful World of Fantasy Football

We’re almost two months into the new season of the English Premier League. How is your team doing? The top four section of the table already has a familiar look to it after six games. Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Manchester United don’t seem out of place there. However, huge praise goes to both Everton and Brighton who are just out of the top four on goal difference. What a start to life at Goodison Park for Rafa Benitez. Graham Potter has also turned his Brighton side into a hard-to-beat eleven.

Many football fans around the world also like to test their own expertise with the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game. More than seven million people registered for this season’s tournament. You can find cash leagues and competitions with other great prizes free to enter. You just need to go looking for them online!

FPL Is Not Exclusively for Football Lovers

Something strange that you may have noticed in recent years is the influx of people to FPL leagues who would not consider themselves to be football fans. Such is the amount of data and statistics available through various forms of media these days that many more are trying their hand at fantasy football. Why? Because they can work with stats. Plenty of them are data analysts. They work with numbers and statistics in their full-time professions. Now, they figure that they can transfer that knowledge into the football world. And, judging by how many of these folks have ranked pretty highly in FPL leagues in the last few seasons, they may well be on to something.

Using the Right Resources in Fantasy Football

Whether you’re a fan of the sport that’s called the ‘beautiful game’ or not, you can still make a very good impression in the FPL world with the right tools.

No matter what you know about football — whether you have an encyclopaedic knowledge or just a passing interest — you must know where to look for the information you need each week.

Online statistics are available by the proverbial bucket-load and, to say it’s valuable when making your selections, is the understatement of the year. Analysing data and knowing what stats are important are great abilities to have as an FPL boss.

When it comes to the best tools to have at your fingertips, you can’t really go wrong with predicted lineups. A good, dependable website that puts a lot of data and football knowledge into their FPL expected lineups page is so important. What you can find out at such pages will be invaluable in terms of assisting you with your FPL team. Hold off on all transfers, decisions about captain and vice-captain, prioritising your substitutes, until you’ve seen the likely lineups for each club.

Taking a closer look shows you that not only are you being offered each club’s likely starting eleven but you’ll also get some fixture analysis. What’s fixture analysis, you may ask? Well, it’s a look at the perceived difficulty rating of all upcoming games, based on the current strength and form of each individual opponent.

Make it a regular part of your FPL routine to check the predicted lineups pages. Set reminders on your phone if you must. Why? Because there’s nothing more disheartening than letting a poor scoring FPL week happen through poor ‘administration’ on your part!

Our firm belief is that you should find a site that’s right for you and where they offer such vital know-how. Keep an eye on what they say over the course of a few weeks and, if you feel you can trust the information they are providing, just stick with them. Take user-friendliness into consideration too. There are literally hundreds of football websites to choose from. All claiming to be the best in the business. It’s up to you to find the one that’s the best fit for you.

Injuries and Suspensions in the Premier League

No one expects you to know all the goings-on at every Premier League club throughout the season. So, with regards to injuries, go to the sites that provide up-to-the-minute information for everyone. You can keep tabs on each team’s current injury list there.

We recommend using the official FPL site to view the disciplinary list and see what players are suspended and how many games each one is expected to miss. Priceless information for all FPL managers.

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