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The Dazzling Light of Neymar’s Talent: Scoring Goals and Sensations

Neymar: Football Goals That Are Worth Millions

As the world-renowned football favourite is now nicely nested in PSG, most fans are on their tiptoes with eagerness to learn about updated Neymar stats. The ex-Barcelona star has amassed quite a number of beautiful stats in his handful of Spanish years since 2013:

  • 59 scores in a total of 97 games;
  • 245 chances were created during field play;
  • on average, the Brazilian netted a ball every 140 minutes;
  • 30 in-play assists (which is so-so as compared to Messi or Suarez).
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His upcoming scores at PSG look even more promising. Of course, a footballer’s life at Paris Saint-German does not seem that much a piece of cake. This the ex-Barcelona striker learned the hard way by getting red-carded and banned after playing in Le Classique against Marseille. As is usual in football, however, banning proves to be more a scandalous nuisance than a real hindrance. While it kept the Brazilian off field for a single PSG game against Nice, Kylian Mbappe used this to publicly call for referee punishment. If this does not add to the Brazilian’s notoriety than nothing else does – the first referee issue back in 2010 ended up in Dorival Junior being fired after the game against Ceara.


How Neymar’s Statistics Influences His Rating

That sure was a reason for the sports world to gasp when Spanish press highlighted the price PSG’s newly baked forward was transferred for. Concerning PSG, their club director Leonardo famously said that the Brazilian “movie-star” had been of great interest to them since 2011. $528 million comprise no easy money; surrounded by reporters and epoch-making fame, the record-breaking transfer, nevertheless, has recompensed itself. Having already reached and crossed their level of spending, Paris Saint-German continues counting earnings brought to them by the world’s highest-paid football player.

neymar psg photo
Photo by portalminas

Leaving Camp Nou was trumpeted by reporters as causing some argie-bargies with Barcelona president J. M. Bartomeu. The superstar was quick to dismiss all gossips, saying that he had no issue with Barca president. Then, maybe, he did just the right thing to prove it by visiting his ex-teammates. Twitter readers learned about this surprise visit to Barca, after which things seem to get settled there – no hard feelings on either side, officially.

Neymar: A Career Leading to Ultimate Success

Truth be told, Barcelona did notice the absence of its superstar. Head coach Ernesto Valverde admitted that the field play suffered a loss, which largely explains their grievous 5-0 defeat to Real Madrid right after transferring him. For the Spanish, his rare explosions of bad temper along with selfishness are forgotten briefly – yet again, history provides abundant evidence that success is never blamed.

Neymar brings even more media attention to PSG, even though he can hardly be named the most important player of Paris Saint-German. According to Tite’s words, the Brazilian can be painlessly replaced by Philippe Coutinho, should PSG feel such a need. But this is not what should concern PSG’s new forward while his Fortune smiles on him. Through a careful approach to publicity, he works his way toward an even better picture: the superstar caring about and supporting children in acts of charity. Dreams come true with Neymar – apparently, dreams come true for him as well.

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