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Teams Qualified For FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil, Qualified Countries

The FIFA World Cup 2014 has almost completed the qualification process & now we got 32 teams Qualified for next summer World Cup. Finally, we got a list of qualified team for FIFA World Cup 2014 for the whole world was waiting for. This world cup is considered as the greatest ever tournament all over the world as we have seen the record selling of tickets. From total of 209 associations, best 32 countries got ticket for the next year World battle.

World Cup 2014 Qualified teams

List of Team Qualified For World Cup 2014

Belgium 11-10-2013
Bosnia Herzegovina 15-10-2013
Croatia 19-11-2013
England 15-10-2013
France 19-11-2013
Germany 11-10-2013
Greece 19-11-2013
Italy 10-09-2013
Netherlands 10-09-2013
Portugal 19-11-2013
Spain 15-10-2013
Switzerland 11-10-2013
Russia 15-10-2013
Algeria 19-11-2013
Cameroon 17-11-2013
Cote D’Ivoire 16-11-2013
Ghana 19-11-2013
Nigeria 16-11-2013
Argentina 11-09-2013
Brazil Host
Chile 15–2013
Colombia 11-10-2013
Ecuador 15-10-2013
Uruguay 19-11-2013
Australia 18-06-2013
Iran 18-06-2013
Japan 04-06-2013
Korea Republic 18-06-2013
Costa Rica 11-09-2013
Honduras 15-10-2013
Mexico 19-11-2013
USA 11-09-2013

FIFA World Cup 2013 Qualified Countries

From 6 Qualifiers i.e. Africa, Asia, Europe, North, Central America & Caribbean, Oceania & South America these 209 nations participated in this tournament. After the qualification round, 32 top teams will face each other in Brazil next year. The country Japan has first qualified after Brazil which is hosting this world competition. On 4 November 2013, Japan National Football became the first association of this tournament. This time, it would be a very tough competition for the current champions Spain as the German National Team has improved its game in German clubs. On 19 November 2013, 4 national teams qualified which are Croatia, France, Greece & Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo’s squad won both matches of Play-offs & defeat Sweden in its home & away from. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 2 hat-tricks in qualification matches. From Europe, maximum 13 teams qualified with current champions Spain. In last match, Spain faced 0–1 loss against South Africa in friendly match.

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