Sunday , 8 December 2019
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Swansea City acquires Kristoffer Peterson

Swansea City acquires Kristoffer Peterson

Kris­tof­fer Peterson, the Sweden inter­na­tion­al for­ward has attrac­ted the atten­tion of Swansea City. They have already come to a com­prom­ise with Her­acles, the Dutch club as to an ini­tial fee bid for the play­er.

The Sweden club have come with an ini­tial bid of approx­im­ately $610,720 for the play­er. How­ever, after a while, the bid might tack on to up to $1,22m.

The pre­vi­ous sea­son, Kris­tof­fer Peterson man­aged to shoot up to 12 goals in 34 appear­ances for Ere­divis­ie.

Pre­vi­ously, the play­er stayed with Liv­er­pool. At that club, he also col­lab­or­ated with Steve Cooper, the ex-Reds academy man­ager, and Swans boss.

His spe­cialty is a wing­er. How­ever, Kris­tof­fer is cap­able of play­ing up front.

The Sweden club have been seek­ing attack­ing play­ers since June’s trans­fer of Dan James to Manchester United.

What’s more, Swansea City might be deprived of Oli McBurnie who man­aged to score up to 24 goals the pre­vi­ous sea­son – the play­er might move to Shef­field United.

Since Peterson’s con­tract with Her­acles has a year to run, the Sweden club hopes to have Peterson landed for a cut-price.

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