Monday , 17 January 2022
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“swansea city acquires kristoffer peterson”

Swansea City acquires Kristoffer Peterson

Kristoffer Peterson, the Sweden international forward has attracted the attention of Swansea City. They have already come to a compromise with Heracles, the Dutch club as to an initial fee bid for the player.

The Sweden club have come with an initial bid of approximately $610,720 for the player. However, after a while, the bid might tack on to up to $1,22m.

The previous season, Kristoffer Peterson managed to shoot up to 12 goals in 34 appearances for Eredivisie.

Previously, the player stayed with Liverpool. At that club, he also collaborated with Steve Cooper, the ex-Reds academy manager, and Swans boss.

His specialty is a winger. However, Kristoffer is capable of playing up front.

The Sweden club have been seeking attacking players since June’s transfer of Dan James to Manchester United.

What’s more, Swansea City might be deprived of Oli McBurnie who managed to score up to 24 goals the previous season – the player might move to Sheffield United.

Since Peterson’s contract with Heracles has a year to run, the Sweden club hopes to have Peterson landed for a cut-price.

“swansea city acquires kristoffer peterson”

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