Friday , 1 July 2022

Solari Obscure About VAR After Penalty Controversy Of Madrid

Santiago Solari made an appeal for making rules for video assistant referee after he accepted the fact that he doesn’t have an how the system actually works after the controversy related to penalty. 

Real Madrid fell into the loss of 2–0 at home in the match against Real Sociedad in the series of La Liga. They had been denied penalty in the 2nd half of the match as they were trailing by a single goal. Jose Munuera had ruled that Vinicius, the forward of Real Madrid hadn’t fouled by Geronimo Rulli, the goalkeeper of Sociedad when he had born down the goal at sixty-fifth minute and this had incensed Solari. The referee had decided not to consult the VAR team that didn’t refer to the Munuera incident. Solari has stated that the rules should be clear. When it is so and they know when these can be used, it is going to help everyone to understand. This is for the player, as well as the fans. He says that it happens to him as a spectator as well as he is not sure what procedure is acceptable by VAR. According to FIFA rules, CAR can be used for red cards, goals, penalty, and also mistaken identity. The referee can ask for a review from VAR or even the VAR can ask the referee to review it. Madrid is in the 5th position and 10 points below Barcelona and has the best chance to succeed in the Copa Del Rey or Champions League.

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