Wednesday , 7 December 2022

Simon Mignolet Offers Update On The Future Of Liverpool

Simon Mignolet, the goalkeeper of Liverpool states that he is going to miss the buss of his first ever team action. However, he is of the opinion that playing second fiddle is much easier in this season due to the brilliance of Alisson Becker. 

Miglolet, the thirty-year-old player lost his position as the number one of the club almost a year ago. He has played in 2 domestic cups throughout the season. However, he has made a statement about Alission and said that he admires the impact that he has been able to make after he had been signed last summer for £65million. Mignolet had been swept aside because of Loris Karius who had to struggle a lot in order to deliver and had to experience a personal nightmare in the final of Champions League in Kiev. Karius was the one to be sent on loan to the Besiktas and thus, the team had decided to keep Mignolet as a reserve. He said that he will now be able to accept it easily. According to him, the team is playing really well. Alission has been an important Addison to the team. Mignolet says Alisson is a natural goalkeeper. He has displayed his strengths. He is one of the 5 best keepers in the world. Being naturally talented as a goalkeeper, he is fluent and does not think about things much. Everything comes naturally to him. Alisson is playing at number one for the international team of Brazil in front of the goalkeeper of Manchester United. This is enough to show what he has got. Mignolet says that he can accept it better. He is known to have played with Roma’s former keeper in order to get acquainted with the requirements of English football. Alisson is all set to win the Golden Glove in the debut season with thirteen clean sheets in twenty-three top flights at Anfield. Mignolet says that he and Alisson want to perform well together. According to him, they share a very good relationship. Mignolet had been a part of the Premier League for ten years and he is sure that things are quite different than it had in abroad. He says that Alisson asks some questions and he simply answers them. Alisson is calm with the ball and he tries replicating that. He had shown in the FA Cup that they can bounce off one another and can also learn a thing from one another. Mignolet says that he doesn’t only respect him as a player but also as a person. Mignolet was all set to switch to some other team looking for regular action. However, Liverpool had been unwilling to sanction the loan and no club was ready to pay £12 million. However, he is adamant that the prospective switch to Fulham didn’t fail because of his personal terms.
He went on to say that it is not true. According to him, many things are said when the transfer window is open. Some of these things are true while some are not. Nothing has happened and he has been in the team since last summer. Besiktas are willing to pay  £2.25 million 2 year loan fee for Karius with the word to make this deal permanent in the year 2020 for more  £7.5 million if some criteria are catered to. Liverpool chose to off-load German player and stick to Mignolet as the cover. He is going to have his contract all 2021. It is highly unlikely that he will let this window pass. However, after this, his future is quite unclear. He has said it before that he doesn’t like being made to sit on the bench. But he is going to be on 31st March. He says that he definitely likes to play but sometimes you need to accept that situation you are facing. He says that he might not be able to control himself but he can easily control his training. Thus, he can be there for the team when they need him. He is a professional player and he feels that everyone is going to agree to that. He is aware of the fact that he will have to work himself in the first place. For his career and his future, he needs to maintain his position. Also, the demands require the players to push each other. In the training session, they have to encourage each other so that they can show their best. The team is preparing to fight for Champions League and Premier League.

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