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Sergio Agüero Age, Bio, Fact, and Career
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Sergio Agüero Age, Bio, Fact, and Career

Although the Manchester City star is only 29 years old, he can boast enorm­ous scor­ing record in addi­tion to over­whelm­ing stats this par­tic­u­lar sea­son. While Premi­er League’s fin­ish is hardly a suc­cess for Argen­tini­an for­ward due to some health prob­lems as well as inab­il­ity to help his team in the Cham­pi­ons League, Ser­gio Agüero is still the major strik­ing force for Pep Guar­diola and his mates.

Sergio Aguero Age
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How Old is Sergio Aguero?

Agüero age is 31. The A‑star striker was born in 1988 on June 2. We would lie to you if we say he had a happy child­hood. His fam­ily was forced to live in poverty and later move to Argen­tini­an cap­it­al in search of a bet­ter job and fin­an­cial oppor­tun­it­ies. As a foot­baller and pro­fes­sion­al for­ward, Ser­gio star­ted his career in Inde­pendi­ente when he was 15.

A new guy showed great res­ults des­pite the fact Aguero height and weight were not to com­pete with more power­ful and strong rivals inside the pitch. Nev­er­the­less, he man­aged to com­bine high speed and reac­tion to use his body and slide between defend­ers right into the box. Power, speed and momentum reac­tion made him a huge threat in the face of top clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United or Liv­er­pool.

The Rise of Aguero Football Career

Atletico Mad­rid appeared to be a start­ing point of Aguero path to glob­al fame and recog­ni­tion. He made 175 over­all appear­ances scor­ing 75 goals for Atletico between 2006 and 2011. Not bad for a start con­sid­er­ing Ser­gio Aguero age at that time. The first year as an Atletico play­er appeared to be a debut in the Argen­tini­an Nation­al Team as well.

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That was the time when Kun played with Leonel Messi for the first time togeth­er in one team. 2008 became the glor­i­ous year for the team and a play­er him­self. Aguero helped Argen­tini­ans win the Olympic gold medal dur­ing the games in Beijing.

Aguero Scores More than MU Attackers

2018 sea­son shows that Ser­gio is still able to show top scor­ing res­ults des­pite the com­pet­i­tion in the team. By Feb­ru­ary 2, he already made 13 suc­cess­ful strikes that have reached the tar­get. By the way, it is even more than all MU attack­ing play­ers man­aged to score alto­geth­er con­sid­er­ing Lukaku, Mar­tial, Sanc­hes, and oth­ers.

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Although noth­ing seems to stop Aguero and his team from anoth­er Premi­er­ship trophy, the team was abso­lutely hope­less to beat Liv­er­pool in the UEFA quarter-finals. By the way, Klopp and his guys with Salah ahead are head­ing towards the finals where they are going to take the chal­lenge from Real Mad­rid.

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