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Sell Messi and balance the squad. Five main tasks of PSG this summer

A year ago, Paris Saint-Germain assembled a squad, looking at which many began to feel dizzy. Then, finally, the actual football Paris went crazy at the moment when the club officially confirmed the information about the transfer of Lionel Messi. But even the Argentine was unable to fulfil the main dream of the owners of PSG — the Champions League is still something unattainable for the best club in France.

Anyway, everything is going to the fact. PSG will have to carry out another reboot of the project in the summer, and it will affect absolutely everyone — starting from the management and ending with the main stars of the team.

And right now, we will consider the five main issues that the bosses of Paris will have to deal with before the new season.

Neymar or Messi will have to part ways

Neymar and Messi have been far from their best form this season, which has become a big problem for PSG. Their duet was unstoppable when they played in Barcelona, but they have not yet managed to repeat this magic in Paris.

Recently, if you believe the media, including the French, Neymar is one of those players that PSG wants to get rid of, even though he signed a new long — term contract before the start of the season.

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In addition, Neymar confirmed in an interview that he would like to play in the MLS, adding that now moving to the United States looks unlikely. The Brazilian might want to return to Barcelona, but the Catalan club now clearly does not have enough funds to satisfy all his financial needs.

Messi also faced a similar problem — he is no longer expected at Barcelona. So maybe Leo will be called by Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola.

Anyway, PSG should consider whether it makes sense to count on the Argentinian and the Brazilian in the future. But, alas, they are no longer as impressive as they used to be.

PSG need to balance the squad

One of the main drawbacks of PSG is the lack of balance in the starting lineup. Compared to other top clubs, especially those who have won the Champions League in recent years, Paris looks too dependent on their strikers.


PSG needs players who could equally successfully help the team in attack and defence. Because now, as soon as the pressure increases, the middle line begins to crack at the seams.

The same goes for defence. Hakimi often enjoys playing in attack, so he was repeatedly punished for losing his position in a security. Marquinhos and Kimpembe regularly had problems in big matches. Against this background, only Nuno Mendes consistently copes with his tasks.

It’s time to resolve the issue with Mbappe

The situation with Mbappe is still in limbo. Despite all the nuances, PSG still hopes to keep its main asset. But, of course, the new contract with Kilian will be a great success for the club.

But, most likely, Mbappe will move to Real Madrid, and for free. So Paris will have to look for a replacement for him, and perhaps he is already doing this.


Undoubtedly, the best acquisition in this situation will be Erling Holand, who will immediately become the new scorer of PSG.

Like several other top clubs, PSG probably also looks in the direction of Robert Lewandowski, who decided not to renew his contract with Bayern.

By the way, PSG has a chance to get a great player without paying a cent. Paulo Dybala will leave Juventus as a free agent at the end of the season, and it is rumoured that the Argentine does not mind moving to the French capital at all.

Saving Nuna Mendes is one of the main tasks

The transfer of Nuno Mendes last summer was almost unnoticeable against the background of high-profile transfers of Messi, Sergio Ramos and Gianluigi Donnarumma. Nevertheless, the Portuguese moved from Sporting Lisbon on loan with the possibility of redemption.

And looking at how Nuno is spending the season, PSG will make a grave mistake if they allow him to leave.


Mendes is now the main left-back, who, at the same time, is great to connect to the attack when the situation requires it.

PSG will have to pay 40 million euros to keep Nuna. A decent amount, but this is the case when you should not spare money.

We need to solve something with Keylor Navas

Gianluigi Donnarumma and Keylor Navas have been fighting for PSG’s leading goalkeeper role all season. Both play at the same level, but the Costa Rican was still better in his matches.

Nevertheless, PSG do not forget about the future, and in this regard, the Italian has an advantage over his competitor — he is much younger.


PSG probably wants to keep Navas, but it is unlikely that he will agree to a reserve role, which he increasingly got after the transfer of Donnarumma.

Most likely, Keylor will want to leave, thanks to which PSG will be able to get a reasonable sum. And perhaps, the ideal option to strengthen the goalkeeping position will be the return from the lease of Alphonse Areol, who moved to West Ham before the start of the season.

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