Sunday , 3 July 2022

Ruud Guilt Talks About Sarri And Higuain

Chelsea was lacking a striker and this is the reason Maurizio Sarri had brought in Gonzalo Higuain. He is known to have played under his guidance in Napoli. 

Guilt stated that he hopes that he is wrong but according to him Higuain is an old-fashioned striker. He believes that the striker needs crosses. He will be unable to see any balls since Willian and Eden Hazard will play really well. These two always come inside and they dribble. They try to do things all by themselves. Hence, they are not going to need a player who is a target man. Chelsea never uses one, not at least under Sarri. Rather they should get a center forward who will be available for playing mid-field. He will be the finisher in the ball and will be efficacious on the ball, too. Roberto Firmino is the ideal example of this. This is how the frontman of Chelsea has to play. This is the reason he isn’t sure if Higuain is the answer. To say the least, he has a difficult job. This is because the manner in which they have set up, he will not be able to play the way he usually does. Only time will say how this is going to work but Oliver Giroud and Alvaro Morata are good strikers but it didn’t work out for them. Guilt says that Sarri needs to talk to his player rather than talking about them. Next time he is asked about Eden Hazard, he should avoid passing on the negative comment about him. It is quite a risk to criticize a team player in public like he had done early this week. This is true even if he is right. At times, as a manager, you might want to be open about whatever you are feeling for the right purpose. People do this with the hope that players will respond in the right manner. However, when openness is misunderstood, it can create a lot of problems. You really don’t a situation which will play out in the media such as the one Chelsea has been handling. None of the team members can gain from this. Previously, this week, Sarri had commented about Hazard. He called him an individual player and not a leader. Hazard replied to this saying that he doesn’t care about what his manager thinks about him and he will continue doing his thing. This is a clear sign of what might go wrong when the players are called out. Guilt says that he never really felt that Sarri’s job as the manager is at risk. However, if he keeps talking about the players of his own team then he might be in trouble.
No doubt, Hazard is the best player Chelsea has and the team depends on him a lot. But Sarri has to handle the entire dressing room. He has to keep everyone happy and not simply an individual. Sarri has replied to this and said that there have been many situations where he had been unhappy as the manager but he never came out and spoke about this. Sometimes, he had been right about the situation but he kept quiet. He says that it is a difficult situation. This is because even if the opinion of the public is different and the fans are against you, you will not be able to explain yourself or even try and change their minds. All you have to do is keep shut. Source URL:

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