Sunday , 28 May 2023

Ronaldo: Night before Japan’s Final He Didn’t Want to Sleep

One of football’s great individual careers has become a burgeoning one as the owner of the club, still, Ronaldo Nazario has talked about the World Cup Health Scare in the year 1998 and the way it has left his scared of sleeping at night prior to Japan’s World Cup. 

Ronaldo had been left out by Mario Zagallo of the starting XI and was called on minutes prior to the kick-off. There had been rumors of him suffering a seizure. In the meantime, there had also been theories over the internet regarding this incident since then. Ronaldo said that prior to the final that was to take place in Yokohama, he didn’t want to sleep since he was afraid that it is going to happen again. He looked for people in order to talk and came across Dida who was the substitute goalkeeper and asked him to accompany him. Dida stayed with him all the time. However, lack of sleep didn’t hamper his performance as he netted the brace which handed World Cup to Selecao. Ronaldo is still uncomfortable about the fact that people take too much interest in the incident of 1998. Ronaldo says that people tend to like conspiracies but there are too much of wrong things going around. According to him, it wasn’t the best match but he fought and he ran. He says that there are days people do not feel well and then there are times when it is exactly the opposite. Source:

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