Monday , 6 February 2023

Rodgers, Leicester Boss Hopes To Stick To Best Youngsters

Brendan Rodgers, the Leicester boss hopes to hold on to the best young players of the team. He plans on speaking to the players of Leicester performing the role like a father for persuading them to decline the large sum of money offered to them for moving away from Leicester in summer.


Rodgers said that all that he can do is present them with possibilities. He states that he has faced situations previously where the players had been linked to shifting to bigger clubs and it is important to try and then give them an honest appraisal. According to him, he would speak to a player just like he speaks to his son. He says that he would give them the possibilities of sticking to the club and what it could look like if they are away from the team. However, in the end, they are men and they will have to take their own decision.

There various things around and it can have an effect on the decision-making process but he can promote as to why they should be there and how opportunities are going to come for them there, too.

Rodgers says that when players decide to make the move and take on the challenge that is to come, it is not right to talk bad against them. A culture within needs to be developed, hat players know they are capable of developing; unluckily football goes much beyond than that.


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