Friday , 27 May 2022

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FIFA sets transfer fee deadline for Nantes and Cardiff City

“fifa sets transfer fee deadline for nantes and cardiff city”

FIFA has already set a deadline for Nantes and Cardiff City until September 5 to come to a compromise as to the payment of an $18,28m fee for Emiliano Sala. Uncovered in January, the deal with Emiliano Sala turned out to be Cardiff’s most impressive signing for the last time. Unfortunately, the striker from Argentine failed to become part of Cardiff because he passed away in a plane crash when making his way from France to his new football club. A letter to both football clubs was sent by FIFA stating that in case they miss the deadline, the watchdog …

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Sala: Cardiff Concerned For Player With Plane Going Missing

The new record of Cardiff City by signing Emiliano Sala with £15million had been on board with the private jet missing from Nantes to the capital of Welsh, according to French police sources. A search operation is in progress with the light aircraft disappearing from the radar close to the Casquets lighthouse in the Channel Islands on Alderney. It has been revealed by Guernsey Police that Piper Malibu has been missing from Monday night 8:30 pm. French Police has stated that the Argentine striker had been on the plane. This private plane has been flying from Nantes to Cardiff and …

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