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Real Madrid vs Barcelona Head to Head

Real Madrid and Barcelona, these are top 2 football club of Spain. Here we have made news on head to head matches of Real Madrid Vs Barcelona. These are the clubs which are well known by footballer, child as well as adults. Every time when these two meets, new records of attendance set up. The head to head matches played between these 2 teams create new records every time. In last season of 2012–2013, Barcelona was the top team followed by Real Madrid in 1st and 2nd spot in Spanish League Liga BBVA. World’s top football players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Xabi Alonso, Neymar, Xavi Hernandez also belongs to these football clubs.


Real Madrid Vs Barcelona Head to Head

Both teams faced each other in 220 matches in which Real Madrid won 90 matches & Barcelona has won 85 matches. The remaining matches of 45 were draws finished with brilliant battle. Talking about the matches in home Real has won 64 matches in home and Barcelona has won 26 matches against Real in home. Given below is the complete list of all matches

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Real MadridBarcelonaDraws
La Liga166706432
Copa del Rey3312147
Supercopa de Espana12642
Copa de La Liga2011
Real Madrid in HomeMatchesReal MadridBarcelonaDraws
La Liga83511715
Copa del Rey16745
Supercopa de Espana6501
Copa de La Liga1001
Barcelona in HomeMatchesReal MadridBarcelonaDraws
La Liga83194717
Copa del Rey164102
Supercopa de Espana6141
Copa de La Liga1010


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  • All match results
Spain Primer a Division
26-10-201319:50RM: 1Barca: 2
02-03-201316:00Real Madrid: 2FC Barcelona: 1
07-10-201219:50Real Madrid: 2FC Barcelona: 2
21-04-201220:00Real Madrid: 2FC Barcelona: 1
10-12-201122:00Real Madrid: 1FC Barcelona: 3
16-04-201122:00Real Madrid: 1FC Barcelona: 1
29-11-201021:00Real Madrid: 0FC Barcelona: 5
10-04-201022:00Real Madrid: 0FC Barcelona: 2
29-11-200921:00Real Madrid: 0FC Barcelona:1
02-05-200920:00Real Madrid: 6FC Barcelona: 6
13-12-200822:00Real Madrid: 0FC Barcelona: 2
07-05-200822:00Real Madrid: 4FC Barcelona: 1
23-12-200719:00Real Madrid: 1FC Barcelona: 0
10-03-200722:00Real Madrid: 3FC Barcelona: 3
22-10-200621:00Real Madrid: 3FC Barcelona: 0
01-04-200622:00Real Madrid: 1FC Barcelona: 1
19-11-200520:00Real Madrid: 0FC Barcelona: 3
10-04-200519:00Real Madrid: 4FC Barcelona: 2
20-11-200422:00Real Madrid: 0FC Barcelona: 3
25-04-200419:30Real Madrid: 1FC Barcelona: 2
06-12-200321:30Real Madrid: 2FC Barcelona: 1
19-04-200321:30Real Madrid: 1FC Barcelona: 1
Copa del Rey
26-02-201321:00Real Madrid: 3FC Barcelona: 1
30-01-201321:00Real Madrid: 1FC Barcelona: 1
25-01-201222:00Real Madrid: 2FC Barcelona: 2
18-01-201222:00Real Madrid: 1FC Barcelona: 1
20-04-201121:30Real Madrid: 1FC Barcelona: 0
Spain Super Cup
29-08-201222:30Real Madrid: 2FC Barcelona: 1
23-08-201222:30Real Madrid: 2FC Barcelona: 3
17-08-201123:00Real Madrid: 2FC Barcelona: 3
14-08-201122:00Real Madrid: 2FC Barcelona: 2
UEFA Champions League 2011-12
03-05-201120:45Real Madrid: 1FC Barcelona: 1
27-04-201120:45Real Madrid: 0FC Barcelona: 2








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