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Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid Head to Head

Real Madrid & Atletico Madrid are one of the most successful football clubs of Spain in whole world. This article will assists you to know more about the battle between these to teams. Find all head to head matches between Real & Atletico Madrid. In last season of La Liga, After Barcelona, Real Madrid was at 2nd spot followed by Atletico Madrid in 3rd spot. Both teams have successfully qualified for UEFA Champions League of 2013–14.

In last season of home league, after playing 38 matches, Real Madrid has won 26 & lost 5 matches with draw of 7 matches. The club has scored 85 points in the league table. On the other hand A. Madrid also played 38 matches but lost 8 matches with draw of 7 matches. After playing total matches the club has scored 76 points and maintained 3rd position. So Scroll down for head to head of both teams.


DON’T MISS: Barcelona Vs Atletico Madrid Head to Head

Copa Del Rey Spain
17–05-1321:30Real Madrid: 1Atletico Madrid: 2
20–01-1122:00Atletico Madrid: 0Real Madrid: 1
13–01-1122:00Real Madrid: 3Atletico Madrid: 1
Spain La Liga Primera Division
28–09-1322:00Atletico Madrid: 1Real Madrid: 0
27–04-1320:00Atletico Madrid: 1Real Madrid: 2
01–12-1222:00Real Madrid:  2Atletico Madrid: 0
11–04-1222:00Atletico Madrid: 1Real Madrid: 4
26–11-1120:00Real Madrid: 4Atletico Madrid: 1
19–03-1122:00Atletico Madrid: 1Real Madrid: 2
07–11-1021:00Real Madrid: 2Atletico Madrid: 0
28–03-1021:00Real Madrid: 3Atletico Madrid: 2
07–11-0922:00Atletico Madrid: 2Real Madrid: 3
07–03-0920:00Real Madrid: 1Atletico Madrid: 1
18–10-0820:00Atletico Madrid: 1Real Madrid: 2
20–01-0819:00Atletico Madrid: 0Real Madrid: 2
25–08-0720:19Real Madrid: 2Atletico Madrid: 1
24–02-0722:00Atletico Madrid:1Real Madrid: 1
01–10-0618:00Real Madrid: 1Atletico Madrid: 1
04–03-0620:00Atletico Madrid: 0Real Madrid: 2
15–10-0522:00Real Madrid: 3Atletico Madrid: 0
21–05-0522:00Real Madrid: 0Atletico Madrid: 0
09–01-0519:00Atletico Madrid: 0Real Madrid: 3
17–04-0422:00Atletico Madrid: 1Real Madrid: 2
03–12-0321:30Real Madrid: 2Atletico Madrid: 0
15–06-0321:00Atletico Madrid: 0Real Madrid: 4
19–01-0320:30Real Madrid: 2Atletico Madrid: 2


DON’T MISS: Real Madrid Vs Barcelona Head to Head

Last 6 matches of Real Madrid

01–09-13Real Madrid: 3Athletic Bilbao: 1
26–08-13Granada: 0Real Madrid: 1
18–08-13Real Madrid: 2Real betis: 1
01–06-13Real Madrid: 4Osasuna: 2
26–05-13Real Sociedad: 3Real Madrid: 3
17–05-13Real Madrid: 1Atletico Madrid: 2


Last 6 Matches of Atletico Madrid

01–09-13Real Sociedad: 1Atletico Madrid: 2
28–08-13Barcelona: 0Atletico Madrid: 0
25–08-13Atletico Madrid: 5Rayo Vallecano: 0
21–08-13Atletico Madrid: 1Barcelona: 1
18–08-13Sevilla: 1Atletico Madrid: 3
01–06-13Zaragoza: 1Atletico Madrid:3

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