Monday , 6 February 2023
Real Madrid can still set up new record of most wins

Real Madrid can still set up new record of most consecutive victories

The Spanish giants Real Madrid can still create a new world record of most consecutive victories even after their last defeat against AC Milan. The current best team in the world are still in the course of most consecutive wins in the history of football. When Los Blancos suffered loss against the Italian side, it was believed that they have to start from the start, but it is now clear that they can still set up a new record.

Real Madrid can still set up new record

Real Madrid faced last defeat in competitive fixture against city rivals Atletico Madrid on 13th September last year. After that loss, the vikings have not lost or played any draw against any opponent they faced. Right now, Coritiba have the record of most consecutive victories [24 wins] in competitive fixtures. This means if Real Madrid wins three more next games, then they will become the first team to win 25 back to back games. Real Madrid can still set up new record of most wins A tweet on official account of Real Madrid was also posted related to their winning streak. In that tweet is is mentioned that “We would like to remind those who watched the Milan-Madrid games that the world record for consecutive victories applies solely to official matches.” To confirm the record, Coritiba entered a lengthy process with Guinness Book of World Records during which the rules and regulations were explained in depth.” [This is outlined in Brazilian, on the club’s official web page.] “Therefore, under Guinness guidelines, Coritiba are still the team who has managed the most consecutive victories and we will be watching Real Madrid’s next game with interest.” The Brazilian side hold the record of most victories from 3rd February to 5th May in 2011. The Blancos will then have a chance to equal Coritiba’s world record with a Copa del Rey win against their local rivals and coincidentally the last team to have tripped them up in a competitive match: Atletico Madrid. Real Madrid’s next fixture is against Valencia which will be held Mestalla, the home ground of Valencia. To set up a new record of most victories, Real Madrid have to win their upcoming matches against Valencia, Atletico Madrid and Espanyol. Looks like a tougher task for Real Madrid.

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