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Barclays Premier League 2014-15 IST Fixtures

Premier League 2014–15 IST [Indian Time] Schedule of Matches

Are you looking for Indian Standard time of Barclays premier league 20414–15 competition? Then you have reached just at correct place because here is what you are looking for. The complete fixtures of premier league for new season is now annoucned but fans from India are looking match timing in their nation. Indian official telecast partner Star Sports will live coverage of this competition. First match day is scheduled to be held on 16th of August. Check out the BPL fixtures in IST list below.

Premier League 2014–15 IST Fixtures

Barclays Premier League 2014-15 IST Fixtures

Premier League 2015–16 IST Fixtures Indian Standard Time

MatchDateIST Time
Man United vs Swansea City16 Aug05:15 pm
Leicester City vs Everton16 Aug07:30 pm
QPR vs Hull City16 Aug07:30 pm
Stoke City vs Aston Villa16 Aug07:30 pm
West Bromwich vs Sunderland16 Aug07:30 pm
West Ham United vs Tottenham Hotspur16 Aug07:30 pm
Arsenal vs Crystal Palace16 Aug10:00 pm
Liverpool vs Southampton17 Aug06:00 pm
Newcastle United vs Manchester City17 Aug08:30 pm
Burnley vs Chelsea18 Aug12:30 am
Aston Villa vs Newcastle United 23 Aug05:15 pm
Chelsea vs Leicester City 23 Aug 07:30 pm
Crystal Palace vs West Ham United 23 Aug 07:30 pm
Southampton vs West Bromwich Albion 23 Aug 07:30 pm
Swansea City vs Burnley 23 Aug 07:30 pm
Everton vs Arsenal 23 Aug 10:00 pm
Hull City vs Stoke City 24 Aug 06:00 pm
Tottenham Hotspur vs QPR 24 Aug 06:00 pm
Sunderland vs Man United 24 Aug 08:30 pm
Man City vs Liverpool 26 Aug 12:30 am
 Burnley vs Manchester United 30 Aug 05:15 pm
 Aston Villa vs Hull City 30 Aug 07:30 pm
 Man City vs Stoke City 30 Aug 07:30 pm
 Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace 30 Aug 07:30 pm
 QPR vs Sunderland 30 Aug 07:30 pm
 Swansea City vs West Bromwich 30 Aug 07:30 pm
 West ham United vs Southampton 30 Aug 07:30 pm
 Everton vs Chelsea 30 Aug 10:00 pm
 Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool 31 Aug 06:00 pm
 Leicester City vs Arsenal 31 Aug 08:30 pm
 Arsenal vs Manchester City13 Sept05:15 pm
Chelsea vs Swansea City13 Sept07:30 pm
Crystal Palace vs Burnley13 Sept07:30 pm
Southampton vs Newcastle United13 Sept07:30 pm
Stoke City vs Leicester city13 Sept07:30 pm
Sunderland vs Tottenham Hotspur13 Sept07:30 pm
West Bromwich vs Everton13 Sept07:30 pm
Liverpool vs Aston Villa13 Sept10:00 pm
Man United vs QPR14 Sept08:30 pm
Hull City vs West Ham United15 Sept12:30 am
QPR vs Stoke City20 Sept7:30 pm
Burnley FC vs Sunderland20 Sept7:30 pm
Swansea City vs Southampton20 Sept7:30 pm
Newcastle vs Hull City20 Sept7:30 pm
Tottenham vs West Brom20 Sept7:30 pm
Aston Villa vs Arsenal20 Sept7:30 pm
West Ham vs Liverpool20 Sept10:00 pm
Leicester City vs Man United21 Sept6:00 pm
Man City vs Chelsea21 Sept8:30 pm
Everton vs Crystal Palace21 Sept8:30 pm
Liverpool vs Everton27 Sept5:15 pm
Hull City vs Man City27 Sept7:30 pm
Sunderland vs Swansea City27 Sept7:30 pm
Crystal Palace vs Leicester City27 Sept7:30 pm
Chelsea vs Aston Villa27 Sept7:30 pm
Man United vs West Ham27 Sept7:30 pm
Southampton vs QPR27 Sept7:30 pm
Arsenal vs Tottenham27 Sept10:00 pm
West Brom vs Burnley28 Sept8:30 pm
Stoke City vs Newcastle30 Sept12:30 am
Sunderland vs Stoke City4 Oct7:30 pm
Leicester City vs Burnley FC4 Oct7:30 pm
Hull City vs Crystal Palace4 Oct7:30 pm
Swansea City vs Newcastle United4 Oct7:30 pm
Liverpool vs West Brom4 Oct7:30 pm
Aston Villa vs Manchester City4 Oct10:00 pm
Man United vs Everton5 Oct4:30 pm
Chelsea vs Arsenal5 Oct6:35 pm
Tottenham vs Southampton5 Oct6:35 pm
West Ham vs QPR5 Oct8:45 pm
Man City vs Tottenham18 Oct5:15 pm
Southampton vs Sunderland18 Oct7:30 pm
Newcastle vs Leicester City18 Oct7:30 pm
Burnley vs West Ham18 Oct7:30 pm
Crystal Palace vs Chelsea18 Oct7:30 pm
Arsenal vs Hull City18 Oct7:30 pm
Everton vs Aston Villa18 Oct7:30 pm
QPR vs Liverpool19 Oct6:00 pm
Stoke City vs Swansea City19 Oct8:30 pm
West Brom vs Man United21 Oct12:30 am
West Ham vs Man City25 Oct5:15pm
Sunderland vs Arsenal25 Oct7:30pm
Southampton vs Stoke City25 Oct7:30pm
West Brom vs Crystal Palace25 Oct7:30pm
Liverpool vs Hull City25 Oct7:30pm
Swansea City vs Leicester city25 Oct10:00pm
Burnley vs Everton26 Oct7:00pm
Tottenham vs Newcastle26 Oct7:00pm
Man United vs Chelsea26 Oct9:30pm
QPR vs Aston Villa28 Oct1:30am
Newcastle vs Liverpool1 Nov6:15pm
Stoke City vs West Ham1 Nov8:30pm
Leicester City vs West Brom1 Nov8:30pm
Arsenal vs Burnley FC1 Nov8:30pm
Chelsea vs QPR1 Nov8:30pm
Everton vs Swansea City1 Nov8:30pm
Hull City vs Southampton1 Nov8:30pm
Man City vs Man United2 Nov7:00pm
Aston Villa vs Tottenham2 Nov9:30pm
Crystal Palace vs Sunderland4 Nov1:30am
Liverpool vs Chelsea8 Nov6:15pm
Southampton vs Leicester City8 Nov8:30pm
Burnley vs Hull City8 Nov8:30pm
Man United vs Crystal Palace8 Nov8:30pm
West Ham vs Aston Villa8 Nov8:30pm
QPR vs Man City8 Nov8:30pm
Sunderland vs Everton9 Nov7:00pm
Tottenham vs Stoke City9 Nov7:00pm
West Brom vs Newcastle9 Nov7:00pm
Swansea City vs Arsenal9 Nov9:30pm
Man City vs Swansea City22 Nov8:30pm
Leicester City vs Sunderland22 Nov8:30pm
Stoke City vs Burnley FC22 Nov8:30pm
Chelsea vs West Brom22 Nov8:30pm
Everton vs West Ham United22 Nov8:30pm
Newcastle United vs QPR22 Nov8:30pm
Arsenal vs Manchester United22 Nov11:00pm
Crystal Palace vs Liverpool23 Nov7:00pm
Hull City vs Tottenham23 Nov9:30pm
Aston Villa vs Southampton25 Nov1:30am
West Brom vs Arsenal29 Nov6:15pm
Liverpool vs Stoke City29 Nov8:30pm
QPR vs Leicester City29 Nov8:30pm
Burnley vs Aston Villa29 Nov8:30pm
Swansea City vs Crystal Palace29 Nov8:30pm
Man United vs Hull City29 Nov8:30pm
West Ham vs Newcastle29 Nov8:30pm
Sunderland vs Chelsea29 Nov11:00pm
Southampton vs Man City30 Nov7:30pm
Tottenham vs Everton30 Nov9:30pm
Man United vs Stoke City3 Dec1:15am
Leicester City vs Liverpool3 Dec1:15am
Burnley vs Newcastle3 Dec1:15am
Swansea City vs QPR3 Dec1:15am
Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa3 Dec1:30am
West Brom vs West Ham3 Dec1:30am
Sunderland vs Man City4 Dec1:15am
Chelsea vs Tottenham4 Dec1:15am
Everton vs Hull City4 Dec1:15am
Arsenal vs Southampton4 Dec1:15am
Tottenham vs Manchester United28 Dec5:30pm
Southampton vs Chelsea28 Dec7:35pm
Manchester City vs Burnley FC28 Dec8:30pm
Aston Villa vs Sunderland28 Dec8:30pm
Stoke City vs West Brom28 Dec8:30pm
Hull City vs Leicester City28 Dec8:30pm
QPR vs Crystal Palace28 Dec8:30pm
West Ham vs Arsenal28 Dec8:30pm
Newcastle United vs Everton28 Dec9:45pm
Liverpool vs Swansea City30 Dec1:30am
Stoke City vs Man United1 Jan6:15pm
Man City vs Sunderland1 Jan8:30pm
Liverpool vs Leicester City1 Jan8:30pm
Newcastle vs Burnley FC1 Jan8:30pm
Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace1 Jan8:30pm
QPR vs Swansea City1 Jan8:30pm
Hull City vs Everton1 Jan 8:30pm
West Ham vs West Brom1 Jan 8:30pm
Southampton vs Arsenal1 Jan8:30pm
Sunderland vs Liverpool10 Jan6:15pm
Everton vs Man City10 Jan8:30pm
Leicester City vs Aston Villa10 Jan8:30pm
Burnley vs QPR10 Jan8:30pm
Chelsea vs Newcastle United10 Jan8:30pm
Swansea City10 Jan8:30pm
West Brom vs Hull City10 Jan8:30pm
Crystal Palace vs Tottenham10 Jan11:00pm
Arsenal vs Stoke City11 Jan7:00pm
Man United vs Southampton11 Jan9:30pm
Tottenham vs Sunderland17 Jan8:30pm
Leicester City vs Stoke City17 Jan8:30pm
Burnley vs Crystal Palace17 Jan8:30pm
Swansea City Chelsea17 Jan8:30pm
Aston Villa vs Liverpool17 Jan8:30pm
QPR vs Man United17 Jan8:30pm
Newcastle vs Southampton17 Jan11:00pm
West Ham vs Hull City18 Jan7:00pm
Man City vs Arsenal18 Jan9:30pm
Everton vs West Brom20 Jan1:30am
Hull City vs Newcastle31 Jan6:15pm
Sunderland vs Burnley FC31 Jan8:30pm
Stoke City vs QPR31 Jan8:30pm
Man United vs Leicester City31 Jan8:30pm
Crystal Palace vs Everton31 Jan8:30pm
Liverpool vs West Ham31 Jan8:30pm
West Brom vs Tottenham31 Jan8:30pm
Chelsea vs Man City31 Jan11:00pm
Arsenal vs Aston Villa1 Feb7:00pm
Southampton vs Swansea City1 Feb9:30pm
Tottenham vs Arsenal7 Feb6:15pm
Man City vs Hull City7 Feb8:30pm
Swansea vs Sunderland7 Feb8:30pm
Leicester vs Crystal Palace7 Feb8:30pm
Aston Villa vs Chelsea7 Feb8:30pm
QPR vs Southampton7 Feb8:30pm
Everton vs Liverpool7 Feb11:00pm
Burnley vs West Brom8 Feb5:30pm
Newcastle vs Stoke City8 Feb7:35pm
West Ham vs Man United8 Feb9:45pm
Sunderland vs QPR11 Feb1:15am
Arsenal vs Leicester11 Feb1:15am
Hull City vs Aston Villa11 Feb1:15am
Liverpool vs Tottenham11 Feb1:30am
Stoke vs Man City12 Feb1:15am
Man United vs Burnley12 Feb1:15am
Chelsea vs Everton12 Feb1:15am
Southampton vs West Ham12 Feb1:15am
Crystal Palace vs Newcastle12 Feb1:30am
West Brom vs Swansea12 Feb1:30am
Sunderland vs West Brom21 Feb8:30 pm
Aston Villa vs Stoke City21 Feb8:30 pm
Chelsea vs Burnley FC21 Feb8:30 pm
Crystal Palace vs Arsenal21 Feb8:30 pm
Swansea City vs Man United21 Feb8:30 pm
Hull city vs QPR21 Feb8:30 pm
Man City vs Newcastle United21 Feb11:00 pm
Tottenham vs West Ham22 Feb5:30 pm
Everton Leicester City22 Feb7:35 pm
Southampton Liverpool22 Feb9:45 pm
West Ham vs Crystal Palace28 Feb6:15 pm
Man United vs Sunderland28 Feb8:30 pm
Stoke City vs Hull City28 Feb8:30 pm
Burnley vs Swansea City28 Feb8:30 pm
West Brom vs Southampton28 Feb8:30 pm
Newcastle vs Aston Villa28 Feb8:30 pm
Leicester City vs ChelseaTBDTBD
Liverpool vs Man City1 Mar5:30 pm
QPR vs TottenhamTBDTBD
Arsenal vs Everton1 Mar7:35 pm
QPR vs Tottenham7 Mar8:30 pm
Leicester City vs Chelsea30 Apr12:15 am
Hull City vs Sunderland4 Mar1:15 am
Southampton vs Crystal Palace4 Mar1:15 am
Aston Villa vs West Brom4 Mar1:15 am
Man City vs Leicester City5 Mar1:15 am
Stoke City vs Everton5 Mar1:15 am
West Ham vs Chelsea5 Mar1:15 am
Tottenham vs Swansea City5 Mar1:15 am
Newcastle vs Man United5 Mar1:15 am
QPR vs Arsenal5 Mar1:15 am
Liverpool vs Burnley5 Mar1:15 am
Liverpool vs Man United22 Mar7:00 pm
Hull City vs Chelsea22 Mar9:30 pm
QPR vs Everton22 Mar9:30 pm
Arsenal vs Liverpool4 Apr5:15 pm
Leicester City vs West Ham4 Apr7:30 pm
Swansea City vs Hull City4 Apr7:30 pm
Man United vs Aston Villa4 Apr7:30 pm
West Brom vs QPR4 Apr7:30 pm
Everton vs Southampton4 Apr7:30 pm
Chelsea vs Stoke City4 Apr10:00 pm
Burnley vs Tottenham5 Apr6:00 pm
Sunderland vs Newcastle United5 Apr8:30 pm
Crystal Palace vs Man City7 Apr12:30 am
Swansea City vs Everton11 Apr5:15 pm
Sunderland vs Crystal Palace11 Apr7:30 pm
West Ham vs Stoke City11 Apr7:30 pm
West Brom vs Leicester City11 Apr7:30 pm
Southampton vs Hull City11 Apr7:30 pm
Tottenham vs Aston Villa11 Apr7:30 pm
Burnley vs Arsenal11 Apr10:00 pm
QPR vs Chelsea12 Apr6:00 pm
Man United vs Man City12 Apr8:30 pm
Liverpool vs Newcastle14 Apr12:30 am
Aston Villa vs QPRL8 Apr12:15 am
Arsenal vs Sunderland18 AprTBD
Stoke City vs Southampton18 Apr7:30 pm
Leicester City vs Swansea18 Apr7:30 pm
Everton vs Burnley18 Apr7:30 pm
Crystal Palace vs West Brom18 Apr7:30 pm
Hull City vs Liverpool18 Apr7:30 pm
Chelsea vs Man United18 Apr10:00 pm
Man City vs West Ham19 Apr6:00 pm
Newcastle vs Tottenham19 Apr8:30 pm
Aston Villa vs QPRTBDTBD
Arsenal vs Sunderland21 May12:15 am
Southampton vs Tottenham25 Apr5:15 pm
Stoke City vs Sunderland25 Apr7:30 pm
Burnley vs Leicester City25 Apr7:30 pm
Crystal Palace vs Hull City25 Apr7:30 pm
Newcastle vs Swansea City25 Apr7:30 pm
West Brom vs Liverpool25 Apr7:30 pm
QPR vs West Ham25 Apr7:30 pm
Man City vs Aston Villa25 Apr10:00 pm
Everton vs Man United26 Apr6:00 pm
Arsenal vs Chelsea26 Apr8:30 pm
Leicester vs Newcastle United2 May5:15 pm
Sunderland vs Southampton2 May7:30 pm
Swansea City vs Stoke City2 May7:30 pm
West Ham vs Burnley FC2 May7:30 pm
Liverpool vs QPR2 May7:30 pm
Aston Villa vs Everton2 May7:30 pm
Man United vs West Brom2 May10:00 pm
Chelsea vs Crystal Palace3 May6:00 pm
Tottenham vs Man City3 Ma8:30 pm
Hull City vs Arsenal5 May12:30 am
Everton vs Sunderland9 May5:15 pm
Stoke City vs Tottenham9 May7:30 pm
Leicester City vs Southampton9 May7:30 pm
Hull City vs Burnley FC9 May7:30 pm
Newcastle vs West Brom9 May7:30 pm
Aston Villa vs West Ham9 May7:30 pm
Crystal Palace vs Man United9 May10:00 pm
Man City vs QPR10 May6:00 pm
Chelsea vs Liverpool10 May8:30 pm
Arsenal vs Swansea City12 May12:30 am
Southampton vs Aston Villa16 May5:15 pm
Sunderland vs Leicester City16 May7:30 pm
Burnley vs Stoke City16 May7:30 pm
Tottenham vs Hull City16 May7:30 pm
West Ham vs Everton16 May7:30 pm
QPR vs Newcastle16 May7:30 pm
Liverpool vs Crystal Palace16 May10:00 pm
Swansea City vs Man City17 May6:00 pm
Man United vs Arsenal17 May8:30 pm
West Brom vs Chelsea19 May12:30 am
Man City vs Southampton24 May7:30 pm
Chelsea vs Sunderland24 May7:30 pm
Stoke City vs Liverpool24 May7:30 pm
Leicester vs QPR24 May7:30 pm
Aston Villa vs Burnley24 May7:30 pm
Crystal Palace vs Swansea City24 May7:30 pm
Hull City vs Man United24 May7:30 pm
Arsenal vs West Brom24 May7:30 pm
Newcastle vs West Ham24 May7:30 pm
Everton vs Tottenham24 May7:30 pm

 Premier League 2014–15 TV Telecast Channel

In India, Star Sports will provide the live coverage of upcoming BPL matches. Three new teams are prompted from Football league championship. New three teas are Leicester City, Burnley & Queens Park Rangers. Top 3 teams will qualify for ground stage round of champions league 2015–16 & fourth place will qualify for play off round.

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