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Premier league 2014-15 Fixtures & Schedule

Premier League 2014–15 Fixtures Schedule List of Matches

Fixtures of Premier league 2014/15 are now revealed for the new season of British football. On 18 June 2014, list of upcoming matches of Barclays premier league was unveiled. The current champions Manchester City are again one of the favorites to win this competition. Some new changes have been made for this season as Manchester United has appointed Van Gaal & assistant manager Ryan Giggs. With new season & some new teams, Premier League is going to be start from 16th August 2015. Check out the new schedule of Premier league 2014–15 season.

Premier League 2014–15 Fixtures

Premier league 2014-15 Fixtures & Schedule

Premier League 2015–16 IST Fixtures [Indian Standard Time]

16 August 2014
Home team Away team
Leicester City Everton
Burnley Chelsea
Newcastle United Manchester City
West Brom Sunderland
Stoke City Aston Villa
Arsenal Crystal Palace
Manchester United Swansea city
QPR Hull City
Liverpool Southampton
 West ham Tottenham
 23 August 2014
 Chelsea Leicester City
 Swansea City Burnley
 Man City Liverpool
 Sunderland Man United
 Hull city Stoke City
 Crystal Palace West Ham
 Southampton West Brom
 Aston Villa Newcastle United
 Tottenham QPR
 Everton Arsenal
30 August 2014
 Leicester city Arsenal
 Burnley Man United
 Man City Stoke city
 QPR Sunderland
 Newcastle United Crystal Palace
 Everton Chelsea
 Swansea City West Brom
 Aston Villa Hull City
 Tottenham Liverpool
 West Ham Southampton
 13 September 2014
 Stoke City Leicester City
 Crystal Palace Burnley
 Arsenal Man City
 Sunderland Tottenham
 Chelsea Swansea City
 Hull City West Ham
 Liverpool Aston Villa
 Man United QPR
 West Brom Everton
 Southampton Newcastle United
 20 September Saturday
 Leicester City Man United
 Burnley Sunderland
 Man City Chelsea
 QPR Stoke City
 Everton Crystal Palace
 Swansea City Southampton
 Newcastle United Hull City
 West Ham Liverpool
 Tottenham West Brom
 Aston Villa Arsenal
 27 September 2014 
 Crystal Palace Leicester City
 West Brom Burnley
 Hull City Man City
 Sunderland Swansea City
 Stoke City Newcastle
 Chelsea Aston Villa
 Liverpool Everton
 Man United West Ham
 Arsenal Tottenham
 Southampton QPR
 4 October 2014
Leicester City Burnley
 Aston Villa Man City
 Sunderland Stoke city
 Hull City Crystal Palace
 Chelsea Arsenal
 Swansea City Newcastle
 Liverpool West Brom
 Man United Everton
 West Ham QPR
 Tottenham Southampton
 18 October 2014
 Newcastle Leicester City
 Burnley West Ham
 Man City Tottenham
 Southampton Sunderland
 Stoke city Swansea City
 Crystal Palace Chelsea
 Arsenal Hull City
 QPR Liverpool
 West Brom Man United
 Everton Aston Villa
 25 October 2014
 Swansea City Leicester city
 Burnley Everton
 West Ham Man City
 Sunderland Arsenal
 Southampton Stoke City
 West Brom Crystal Palace
 Man United Chelsea
 Liverpool Hull City
 QPR Aston Villa
 Tottenham  Newcastle
 1 November 2014
 Leicester city West Brom
 Arsenal Burnley
 Man City Man United
 Crystal Palace Sunderland
 Stoke City West Ham
 Chelsea QPR
 Everton Swansea city
 Hull City Southampton
 Newcastle Liverpool
 Aston Villa Tottenham
 8 November 2014
 Southampton Leicester City
 Burnley Hull City
 QPR Man City
 Sunderland Everton
 Tottenham Stoke City
 Man United Crystal Palace
 Liverpool Chelsea
 Swansea city Arsenal
 West Brom Newcastle
 West Ham Aston Villa
22 November 2014
 Leicester city Sunderland
 Stoke city Burnley
 Man city Swansea city
 Crystal Palace Liverpool
 Chelsea West Brom
 Hull City Tottenham
 Arsenal Man United
 Aston Villa Southampton
 Everton West Ham
 Newcastle QPR
 29 November 2014
 QPR Leicester city
 Burnley Aston Villa
 Southampton Man city
 Sunderland Chelsea
 Liverpool Stoke city
 Swansea city Crystal Palace
 Man United Hull city
 West Brom Arsenal
 West Ham Newcastle
 Tottenham Everton
 3 December 2014
 Leicester City Liverpool
 Burnley Newcastle
 Man United Stoke City
 Swansea city QPR
 Arsenal Southampton
 Crystal Palace Aston Villa
 West Brom West Ham
 4 December 2014
 Sunderland Man city
 Chelsea Tottenham
 Everton Hull City
 6 December 2014 
 Aston Villa Leicester city
 QPR Burnley
 Man city Everton
 Liverpool Sunderland
 Stoke city Arsenal
 Tottenham Crystal Palace
 Newcastle Chelsea
 West Ham Swansea city
 Hull city West Brom
 Southampton Man United
 13 December 2014 
 Leicester city Man city
 Burnley Southampton
 Sunderland West Ham
 Crystal Palace Stoke city
 Chelsea Hull City
 Swansea city Tottenham
 Man United Liverpool
 West Brom Aston Villa
 Arsenal Newcastle United
 Everton QPR
 20 December 2014 
 West Ham Leicester city
 Tottenham Burnley
 Man City Crystal Palace
 Newcastle Sunderland
 Stoke City  Chelsea
 Hull City Swansea City
 Liverpool Arsenal
 Aston Villa Man United
 QPR West Brom
 Southampton Everton
 26 December 2014 
 Leicester City Tottenham
 Burnley Liverpool
 West Brom Man City
 Sunderland Hull City
 Everton Stoke City
 Crystal Palace Southampton
 Chelsea West Ham
 Swansea city Aston Villa
 Man United Newcastle
 Arsenal QPR
 28 December 2014 
Hull City Leicester City
 Man City Burnley
 Aston Villa Sunderland
 Stoke city West Brom
 QPR Crystal Palace
 Southampton Chelsea
 Liverpool Swansea city
 Tottenham Man United
 West Ham Arsenal
 Newcastle Everton
 1 January 2015 
 Liverpool Leicester City
 Newcastle Burnley
 Man City Sunderland
 Stoke city Man United
 Aston Villa Crystal Palace
 Tottenham Chelsea
 QPR Swansea City
 Hull city Everton
 West Ham West Brom
 Southampton Arsenal
 10 January 2015 
 Arsenal Stoke City
 Burnley QPR
 Chelsea Newcastle
 Crystal Palace Tottenham
 Everton Man City
 Leicester city Aston Villa
 Man United Southampton
 Sunderland Liverpool
 Swansea city West Ham
 West Brom Hull city
 17 January 2015 
 Aston Villa Liverpool
 Burnley Crystal Palace
 Everton West Brom
 Leicester city Stoke city
 Man city Arsenal
 Newcastle Southampton
 QPR Man United
 Swansea city Chelsea
 Tottenham Sunderland
 West Ham Hull city
 31 January 2015 
 Arsenal Aston Villa
 Chelsea Man city
 Crystal Palace Everton
 Hull city Newcastle
 Liverpool West Ham
 Man United Leicester city
 Southampton Swansea city
 Stoke city QPR
 Sunderland Burnley
 West Brom Tottenham
 7 February 2015 
 Aston Villa Chelsea
 Burnley West Brom
 Everton Liverpool
 Leicester city Crystal Palace
 Man city Hull city
 Newcastle Stoke city
 QPR Southampton
 Swansea city Sunderland
 Tottenham Arsenal
 West Ham Man United
 10 February 2015 
 Arsenal Leicester city
 Crystal Palace Newcastle United
 Hull city Aston Villa
 Liverpool Tottenham
 Man United Burnley
 Southampton West Ham
 West Brom Swansea city
 Chelsea Everton
 Stoke city Man city
 Sunderland QPR
 21 February 2015 
 Aston villa Stoke city
 Chelsea Burnley
 Crystal Palace Arsenal
 Everton Leicester city
 Hull city QPR
 Man city Newcastle
 Southampton Liverpool
 Sunderland West Brom
 Swansea city Man United
 Tottenham West Ham
 28 February 2015 
 Arsenal Everton
 Burnley Swansea city
 Leicester city Chelsea
 Liverpool Man city
 Man United Sunderland
 Newcastle Aston Villa
 QPR Tottenham
 Stoke city Hull city
 West Brom Southampton
 West Ham Crystal Palace
 3 March 2015
 Aston Villa West Brom
 Hull city Sunderland
 Liverpool  Burnley
 QPR Arsenal
 Southampton Crystal Palace
 West Ham Chelsea
 Man City Leicester City
 Newcastle Man United
 Stoke city Everton
 Tottenham Swansea city
 14 March 2014 
 Arsenal West Ham
 Burnley Man City
 Chelsea Southampton
 Crystal Palace QPR
 Everton Newcastle
 Leicester city Hull city
 Man United Tottenham
 Sunderland Aston Villa
 Swansea city Liverpool
 West Brom Stoke city
 21 March 2015
 Aston Villa Swansea city
 Hull city Chelsea
 Liverpool Man United
 Man city West Brom
 Newcastle Arsenal
 QPR Everton
 Sputhampton Burnley
 Stoke city Crystal Palace
 Tottenham Leicester city
 West Ham Sunderland
 4 April 2015
 Arsenal Liverpool
 Burnley Tottenham
 Chelsea Stoke city
 Crystal Palace Man city
 Everton Southampton
 Leicester city West Ham
 Man United Aston Villa
 Sunderland Newcastle
 Swansea city Hull city
 West Brom QPR
 11 April 2015
 Burnley Arsenal
 Liverpool Newcastle
 Man United Man City
 QPR Chelsea
 Southampton Hull City
 Sunderland Crystal Palace
 Swansea city Everton
 Tottenham Aston Villa
 West Brom Leicester city
 West Ham Stoke city
 18 April 2015
 Arsenal Sunderland
 Aston Villa QPR
 Chelsea Man United
 Crystal Palace West Brom
 Everton Burnley
 Hull city Liverpool
 Leicester city Swansea city
 Man city West Ham
 Newcastle Tottenham
 Stoke city Southampton
 25 April 2015
 Arsenal Chelsea
 Burnley Leicester city
 Crystal Palace Hull city
 Everton Man United
 Man city Aston Villa
 Newcastle Swansea city
 QPR West Ham
 Southampton Tottenham
 Stoke city Sunderland
 West Brom Liverpool
 2 May 2015
 Aston Villa Everton
 Chelsea Crystal Palace
 Hull city Arsenal
 Leicester city Newcastle
 Liverpool QPR
 Man United West Brom
 Sunderland Southampton
 Swansea city Stoke city
 Tottenham Man city
 West Ham Burnley
 9 May 2015
 Arsenal Swansea city
 Aston Villa West Ham
 Chelsea Liverpool
 Crystal Palace Man United
 Everton Sunderland
 Hull city Burnley
 Leicester city Southampton
 Man city QPR
 Newcastle West Brom
 Stoke city Tottenham
 16 May 2015
 Burnley Stoke city
 Liverpool Crystal Palace
 Man United Arsenal
 QPR Newcastle United
 Southampton Aston Villa
 Sunderland Leicester City
 Swansea city Man city
 Tottenham Hull city
 West Brom Chelsea
 West ham Everton
 24 May 2015
 Arsenal West Brom
 Aston Villa Burnley
 Chelsea Sunderland
 Crystal Palace Swansea city
 Everton Tottenham
 Hull city Man United
 Leicester city QPR
 Man city Southampton
 Newcastle West Ham
 Stoke city Liverpool

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