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Predicting how South American teams may fare at the World Cup
Photo by Mervyn Hector

Predicting how South American teams may fare at the World Cup

The U.S came agon­isingly short to qual­i­fy for the 2018 FIFA World Cup mean­ing that Amer­ic­ans will have to choose anoth­er nation to sup­port dur­ing the upcom­ing foot­ball extra­vag­anza. One thing has become pop­u­lar for foot­ball fans when their nation­al team fails to qual­i­fy for a major tour­na­ment, they tend to sup­port the neigh­bour­ing coun­try or those coun­tries from their own con­tin­ent, and per­haps it’s a form of com­rade­ship. This is likely going to be the case with Amer­ic­ans and as such let’s look at how far will the teams they sup­port (South Amer­ic­an teams) are likely to go dur­ing the World Cup. You can earn extra bucks with your Net­Bet World Cup Bet­ting for pre­dict­ing who will reach the World Cup final among the nine

world cup south africa photo
Photo by Mervyn Hec­tor



Brazil qual­i­fied for the World Cup with rel­at­ive ease after a few scary res­ults earli­er on in the round robin CONMEBAL qual­i­fic­a­tion group. In terms of tal­ent, Brazil com­pares highly to oth­er tal­en­ted foot­balling nations such as Ger­many and Bel­gi­um play­er to play­er. The task for the man­ager, there­fore, will be to build the team chem­istry and find a win­ning for­mula with the world stars he has at his dis­pos­al. In goal the team will likely look to the inform Manchester City goal­keep­er, Eder­son to provide them the cov­er in between the goal posts. In defence, they have the exper­i­ence of Silva and the assur­ance of Mar­quin­hos, in mid­field, they have the guile of Philipe Coutinho while in attack they have the pace and trick­ery of Ney­mar. Brazil is one of the favour­ites to win the tour­na­ment and will surely pro­gress to the later stages of the com­pet­i­tion.


Not exactly from South Amer­ica but find­ing itself between the North and the South, Mex­ico will be hop­ing to leave an impres­sion at the World Cup. Mex­ico qual­i­fied for the World Cup after win­ning the North and Cent­ral Amer­ica and Carib­bean round 5. In terms of star play­ers, Mex­ico does not have one but what they have is team spir­it. If they can work togeth­er, Mex­ico can trouble many teams at the tour­na­ment. Play­ers to look out for in the Mex­ic­an team are Javi­er Hernan­dez at West Ham and Gio­vanni Dos San­tos play­ing his trade in the MLS.

Costa Rica

Anoth­er team just like Mex­ico found in between the North and the South, Costa Rica will know that they are not going to go to the World Cup to add num­bers only but to put in some per­form­ances. The team is not highly tal­en­ted in terms of bril­liant indi­vidu­als but they can com­pensate for that with strong per­form­ances as a team if they work for each oth­er.


This will be the first appear­ance for Panama at a World Cup tour­na­ment. The stage will likely be too big for them to pro­gress to the later stages of the tour­na­ment but what they will be look­ing for­ward to is to leave an impres­sion and lay the found­a­tion for future appear­ances.


Argen­tina left it late, qual­i­fy­ing for the World Cup after a Lionel Messi scored a hat­trick in the final qual­i­fic­a­tion game. The qual­i­fic­a­tion cam­paign for Argen­tina was not impress­ive at all and the team needs to work hard going into the tour­na­ment if they are to reach the lat­ter stages. At the tour­na­ment, it will not be a case of Messi alone so the man­ager needs to build the chem­istry and find the right team bal­ance.


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