Tuesday , 28 June 2022

Perez: Something Is Wrong With Newcastle

It has been by Ayoze Perez that something wrong with the team of Newcastle as they are avoiding the second successive relegation fights in the Premier League.  They are going to head to Chelsea, the difficult trip as they sit only 2 points clear of the last three teams, thus, uncertainty prevailing on the pitch. 

The contract of Rafael Benitez, the manager is still the season’s end and he is not ready to sign a contract to extend this till he is given the assurance about the ambition of the club in future. This is something that is not going to happen as Mike Ashley, the owner is waiting for development as they move to secure a buyer. Meanwhile, Benitez along with his players have to come up with a proper solution for the difficult that previously helped them to win 4 times in every competition in 23 games till now this season. This lead to the 1–1 of the third round of draw in the FA Cup at St. James Park against Sky Bet Championship Blackburn. When Perez had been asked about the game, he said that he feels something is wrong. He knows that this was not good enough but they have to move on. According to him, this will be a long January. However, they should stick together and face up to this. He also said that it is surprising that they are struggling so much in the home games. This surely means that something is wrong.

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