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Neymar Will Miss The Clash Against Manchester United

According to reports, Neymar is going to miss out on both the legs of the last sixteen ties upcoming Champions League of Paris Saint Germain against Man United. The French club has given the confirmation that the most expensive player in the world is going to be out of the game for almost ten weeks due to a metatarsal injury. 

Nonetheless, the condition of Neymar doesn’t require an operation. Paris Saint Germain has made a statement that the twenty-six-year-old player has agreed to go for a conservative treatment which will get him to come back to the quarterfinals of the Champions League in the month of April if they are able to qualify. The specialists have done a detailed analysis and there had been a consensus between the analysts and team, the conservative treatment of the injury has been agreed upon, to the 5th-grade metatarsal. The French Champions have said that when they had been informed about the recommendation, the Brazilian striker of Paris Saint Germain agreed with the proposal. Thus, it is being expected that the player is going to return to the field within 10 weeks. Neymar had developed the injury in the French Cup of Paris Saint Germain’s victory against Starsbourg and Thomas Tuchel, the coach had ruled out the forward already from the first leg at Old Trafford against Manchester United that is to take place on 12th February. The second leg of this tie is going to take place in the month of March. The timeline which has been announced by the team shows that he might be able to make it back to the club just on time to play the first leg of the quarter-final. This is going to be played on the 9th and 10th of April. The second leg is going to begin next week. The club has given a statement saying that Paris Saint Germain have sent its strong support to their star player Neymar Jr. so that he is able to overcome his injury with determination and courage that he has always shown while playing. Neymar is going to sit out for an important season of Paris Saint Germain. Again, there has been growing concern in the team of Brazil which is going to organize the Copa America in the month of June-July. If Neymar would have undergone an operation, it would have put the participation of Neymar at risk. This would have also ended his season at the club. Rodrigo Lasmar, the national doctor from the team and the coach of Brazil Tite had visited Neymar at Paris as he had suffered a fracture on the right foot where he had suffered an injury in last years’ February. He is known to have undergone an operation which had been performed by Lasmar but had returned on time to the Russia World Cup held in the month of June 2017. However, the injury had ruled him out in the second leg of the Champions League in the last-sixteen tie which was to take place against Real Madrid. This hampers the hopes of Paris Saint Germain of defeating the first-leg deficit.
They had been defeated in the tie with 5–2 with the aggregate by the winners. However, the influence of the Brazilian national team proved to be critical in order to get Neymar to agree to go for the operation. Only this time, Paris Saint Germain had decided what role they are going to play for recording the signing. Thus, the question is how they are going to get Neymar to become totally fit in about two and half months without the operation. An expert belonging to the sports rehabilitation had said that a simple consolidation of the bone that has been affected with the help of the orthopedic treatment along with the injection of the stem cells can prove to be helpful. However, the injury of Neymar comes as a boost for the United who has enjoyed 8 consecutive wins under the manager Solskjaer who came as a replacement of Jose Mourinho who had been dismissed in December. However, it also crushes the ambition of PSG to make it this far in Europe after they had suffered series of disappointments in the Champions League from the time Qatari had taken the club into his own hands in the year 2011. The Brazilian star footballer has scored 20 goals in this season with only 23 appearances. This includes the 5 group stages in the Champions League. Source:

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