Saturday , 1 October 2022
Photo by Santos Futebol Clube

Most Ridiculous and Insane Neymar Goals

Is he really worth $333 million? With so many Neymar goals for Barcelona, both experts and supporters try to answer that question when it comes to Brazilian prodigious players. The first match for a new PSG team made at least one thing clear – Neymar goals would turn the League 1 into one of the most spectacular European championships!

neymar photo
Photo by Santos Futebol Clube
It all started with two Neymar goals in his first ever match on Parc des Princes as a home arena. Toulouse seemed to be simply hopeless against Neymar solo effort that looked like someone was holding PS controllers outside the pitch. The world-record transfer was not satisfied with such a low productivity. Later, he made two assists and earned a penalty to boost Neymar statistics in the premier game. When the final whistle blew, the score was 6–2. Great game for PSG and for the ex-Barcelona forward in particular. 

Eighth Neymar Jr Goal in League 1

You will hardly find a better scorer to highlight the same results as Neymar Jr stats. However, the eights goal in League 1 against Toulouse will be the long lasting in his memory. It was the best performance of what such an exorbitant fee was all about. 

neymar photo
Photo by Santos Futebol Clube
Dani Alves sends a long ball to the right side of the opponents’ penalty area. Neymar receives the ball and faces the wall formed by two Toulouse defenders. It seems to be a close call for the forward resulting in a turnover. However, a wunderkind takes several touches and has the ball fixed around his legs. He simply throws the ball forward to the center of the penalty area leaving desperate defenders hopeless to catch him. The follows the fake spin and another cheeky move to score. 

Pay for Pleasure

The quality and style of Neymar goals in addition to his stats prove that he is worth spending that money. However, some of his tricks cost PSG bans and disqualifications. This is what actually happened in the game with Marseille. Two yellows cards have spoiled flawless Neymar stats after he shoved the opposing player. Although Lucas Ocampos performance looked a bit overdramatized, it resulted not only in a red card for Neymar but also in his further one-match suspension. Luckily, Edinson Cavani is in good shape.

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