Friday , 19 October 2018
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Michel Platini opens up about rigged France 98 World Cup final

Michel Platini opens up about rigged France 98 World Cup final

Former UEFA president Michel Platini has opened up about the rigged World Cup draw in France 98.

The former French footballer and UEFA executive was part of the committee in charge of the tournament’s organization. If you still had doubts about how straight World Cup or UEFA Champions League draws were, Michel Platini came out and burst the bubbles

In the course of an interview with French radio station “France Bleu,” Platini confirmed that the 1998 World Cup Committee manipulated the result of the draw, to ensure a final between France and Brazil.

For this to work, both National Teams needed to win their respective groups, which eventually materialized.

Blatter and Platini

“A final between France and Brazil was everyone’s dream. We made sure they followed a path to the final without crossing with each other until that date, by placing Brazil in Group A and drawing France in Group C,” the former Les Bleus skipper revealed.

“We didn’t spend six years of our lives working in the World Cup Committee to have things not going our way. You think everyone else didn’t do the same thing?” Platini added.

Platini was banned from any football-related activity a couple of years ago, due to an “unloyal” payment” made by Blatter to one of his accounts. He is yet to serve five years out of his original eight-year sentence.

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