Friday , 2 December 2022
Lionel Messi said he is not leaving Barcelona

Messi said his Premier League transfer and Barca crisis are “All Lies”

Lionel Messi, who was man of the match in last game against Atletico Madrid finally said about his Premier League transfer and Barca crisis. The Barca forward called all of those rumors as “All Lies”. In last game of La Liga, he scored a goal and made two assists in Barca’s 3–1 win over Atletico Madrid, the current champions of La Liga. After the match, the Argentina forward said

Lionel Messi said he is not leaving Barcelona

I did not ask for the manager to be sacked. I would never do that. It really hurts this time because these lies have been made up by Barcelona media and have not come from Madrid. In the past they attacked us, but not this time.”

Lots of words have been spoken about his relations with Barca manager Luis Enrique. Lionel Messi also dismissed those rumors. When asked about his relations with manager, the 27 year old replied

“I am a player at Barcelona, and do not make nor ask to make any decisions. It is not good to look for a rivalry between me and Luis Enrique, because there is none. Many times it has been said that I have a bad relationship with Guardiola, Eto’o, Ibra, Bojan. They were all false. These things are often thrown at us, we need to be united at all times.”

It was also rumored that Messi could move to Stamford Bridge or Etihad Stadium, but he also denied his transfer from Barca. About his move away from Barcelona, he told “I never demanded anything to stay, as I have no intention of leaving. It is said that my father spoke with Manchester City and with Chelsea. But it is all lies. It is all lies.”

This means, Messi is not going to leave Barcelona at least for now. But one thing is sure that he is still happy with his current club. Messi is nominated for top three contenders of 2014 FIFA Ballon D’or. In-fact he also spoke about his Ballon D’or contenders saying “Whoever wins the Ballon D’or will deserve it, whether it is Neuer or Cristiano, who had incredible year.”

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