Saturday , 6 June 2020
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“mario balotelli intends to play for brescia for there years”

Mario Balotelli intends to play for Brescia for there years

The player aged 29, Mario Balotelli has already made up his mind to sign a three-year deal with Brescia having rejected Flamengo’s offer.

As a matter of fact, he happens to be a free player after abandoning Marseille this summer.

The player had been negotiating with Brescia for some time as he pondered over various scenarios.

Flamengo tried to persuade him to have a return to his native club for them swapped instead.

However, Balotelli decided to neglect Flamengo alongside Florentina’s late offer. He’s currently close to signing a contract returning him to Series A.

By the way, the player played for Manchester United for three years and led them to the Premier League title.

The player went on to play for Liverpool following a 12-month staying at Milan, although had a bad time at Anfield, returning on loan to the San Siro.

After that, he played for Nice, shooting up to 33 goals in 61 appearances until he left in January.

“mario balotelli intends to play for brescia for there years”

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