Thursday , 28 May 2020
“manchester united want to grasp moussa dembele to replace romelu lukaku”

Manchester United want to grasp Moussa Dembele to replace Romelu Lukaku

Manchester United are considering a deal with Moussa Dembele currently playing for Lyon. Such a transfer might take place on the condition Manchester’s abandons the club this summer in favor of Inter Milan.

By the way, earlier Romelu Lukaku had openly expressed his interest in the Italian club. Manchester’s player confessed that he is a big fan of the big Serie A. He added that he has always had a strong desire to find himself in the English league and, in particular, in the Italian one because he likes Italy a lot.

Despite the two football clubs are about to agree on a fee, with Manchester United sticking with $93,3m and neglecting Inter’s $67,2m offer, it’s anticipated that the contract will be concluded before the transfer window ends.

It was Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the club’s boss who picked up Moussa Dembele as a good candidate to have Romelu Lukaku replaced in Manchester United.
As a matter of fact, for 32 appearances at Lyon, Romelu Lukaku managed to shoot 15 goals, thus bringing the club to a third-place finish.

“manchester united want to grasp moussa dembele to replace romelu lukaku”

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