Monday , 19 April 2021
“manchester united buy harry maguire for $97,27m”

Manchester United buy Harry Maguire for $97,27m

Manchester United’s desire to acquire Harry Maguire is so strong that they’re ready to shell out up to $97,27m for Leicester City’s centre-back. So, the player manages to successfully pass a medical test, he’ll be the costliest defender in the world.

The given contract actually overshadows the $91,19m amount Liverpool paid for Southampton’s Virgil van Dijk last year. The football club expects Harry Maguire to perform as well as he did at Anfield. By the way, Manchester City were also eager to buy the player but the price didn’t suit them.

Earlier Leicester neglected lower bids from Manchester United. So the club has no choice but to come up with an impressive sum. The football club doesn’t see any alternatives, in particular, after a previous objective, Matthijs de Ligt moved to Juventus from Ajax.

It feels like Leicester has managed to win negotiations. What’s more, Brendan Rodgers has to fill a huge gap in his team before the season bursts out. Most probably, he’ll shift his attention to Brighton’s Lewis Dunk.

“manchester united buy harry maguire for $97,27m”

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