Tuesday , 20 April 2021
“manchester united are bound to shell out $98,53m for inaki williams”

Manchester United are bound to shell out $98,53m for Inaki Williams

It feels like Manchester United have already discovered who could potentially replace their ex-player Romelu Lukaku. That’s Inaki Williams from Athletic Bilbao. However, they are bound to pay the Spanish side a $98,53m release clause for the player aged 25.

Romelu Lukaku seems to be leaving Old Trafford. If he manages to make his move before the transfer window closes, most probably he will find himself at Inter Milan. On the other hand, the move will come true if the Red Devils accept the Italians’ $85,15 offer for the player.

The previous football season, for 41 appearances, Romelu Lukaku managed to shoot up to 14 goals.

Some sources exclusively uncovered that the ex-Chelsea player has already faced two fines from United.

Lukaku was assured that he was allowed to train away from the football club’s training facility Carrington HQ. Nevertheless, Romelu Lukaku was punished for training two days with Anderlecht.

Besides this, United also had the player punished for a tweet with a video that showed his teammates’ speeds.

“manchester united are bound to shell out $98,53m for inaki williams”

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