Thursday , 12 December 2019
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Manchester City F.C. interested in Danish attacking midfielder Christian Dannemann Eriksen!

Manchester City F.C. interested in Danish attacking midfielder Christian Dannemann Eriksen!

Yes, the Premi­er league giants Manchester City F.C. are inter­ested in sign­ing the three time Dan­ish Foot­ball play­er of year and Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur mid­field­er Chris­ti­an Eriksen. Eriksen’s con­tract with Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur will get over in next year i.e. 2020 and it does not seem like that he is going to sign a new one. It would be a great for Manchester City if they are able to sign the 26 year old but seem­ingly they can face pres­sure from clubs like Chelsea and Real Mad­rid who are also inter­ested in sign­ing him.

Man City is the defend­ing cham­pi­ons of the Premi­er League and is the main con­tender of this sea­son as well. The suc­cess of Man City can majorly rest on the fact that wheth­er they can add pro­fund­ity to their mid­field. Italy’s Jor­ginho had an agree­ment for join­ing the club but the club failed to land him even­tu­ally. In such a situ­ation, Chris­ti­an Eriksen would be a bril­liant play­er in adding depth to the mid­field of Man City.

Coping up with the effect of losing Frenkie De Jong

Recently the Man City club had shown interest in anoth­er defens­ive mid­field­er, Ajax’s foot­baller Fren­kie De Jong (21 years old). How­ever, Pep Guar­diola has appar­ently missed out on the Dutch foot­baller for not being able to match the price of sixty six mil­lion asked by AFC Ajax. Los­ing both Jor­ginho as well as Fren­kie De Jong has been a great set­back for the Man City.

To cope up with such set­backs, the league defend­ers have to bring to their side a mid­field­er who not only is reli­able but should also keep up with the aggres­sion with which City goes out to the field. Who can be a bet­ter play­er oth­er than Chris­ti­an Eriksen to match such pos­i­tion? Moreover, Man City has also shown interest in Wolves’ mid­field­er Ruben Neves which would be a great com­ple­ment to Eriksen on the field.

This sea­son has been pretty errat­ic for the bet­tors as the giants have faced a few defeats by the under­dogs of the league. In such case, this duo would ensure a bet­ter Man City and thus a safer bet on them. The bet­tors can find the best free bets on Man City when Eriksen enhances their chance of win­ning the games and, ulti­mately, the league. Know­ing the game and know­ing the per­form­ance his­tory of your favour­ite teams and play­ers is cru­cial for pla­cing the smartest bets pos­sible.

Eriksen’s sur­prise rise, for example, has made Man City a far safer bet now than they were at the begin­ning of the sea­son when he was still some­thing of an unknown quant­ity. On the oth­er hand, he has become such a sure thing that bet­ting against him may not be wise but it may well bring in some real win­nings on the odd chance that someone beats City in the finals. Things are look­ing clear­er now but it has been an errat­ic sea­son, so it is espe­cially import­ant to under­stand these fun­da­ment­als to ensure that you don’t waste money on blind bets.   

Eriksen, a Stand-out Performer

Eriksen has 51 Premi­er League goal assists and 41 Premi­er League goals to his glory. As the expect­a­tions from the con­tem­por­ary mid­field­er have been great­er than before, Eriksen ful­fils those expect­a­tions as well. Since it’s not any more about assists and goals but also being an impact play­er on the field, Eriksen makes sure he cov­ers every edge of the field and counter-presses whenev­er he can.

The 26 year old, who admires Andrés Ini­esta, was coached (irony) by star Den­nis Ber­gkamp plus there is a frag­ment of anchored Dutch­man in how he plays, remark­ably how he influ­ences the spaces on the field. This makes bet­ting on him and his team a safe option.

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