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Liverpool fans attacked by hooligaans in Kiev

Reports from the Capital city of Ukraine shows that some Liverpool fans were attacked by hooligans in a restaurant near the Stadium.

The Ukrainian security officials confirmed that some arrests have been made in connection to the brawl. They said it was a case of ‘group hooliganism’ after two people they described as ‘foreigners’ were injured.

The fracas, which occurred around 11 pm local time on Thursday, happened while Liverpool fans were at a restaurant in the Ukrainian capital.

Mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, has said that the Liverpool fans were attacked like a ‘pack of dogs’ and told the Liverpool Echo that security was ‘the main priority’.

‘Security for us is the main priority and we know what happened last year in Paris,’ he said.

‘Right now more than 10,000 policemen are watching and controlling the city and thousands of volunteers.’

The attack will increase fears of more unrest and violence ahead of tonight’s game, with even more Liverpool fans expected to arrive.

Hooliganism in football has become rife in recent years with the Football governing bodies around the globe doing their best to stamp out these ugly incidents by dishing out fines and bans as punishment. The World Cup in Russia has also been a subject of debate because of similar incidents by fans of the host country.

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